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The basics

Start here to gain a basic understanding of beer, cider and perry. 

what is beer?

What exactly is beer?

what is live beer?

Learn what live beer is and why CAMRA champions it.

what is cask-conditioned ale?

Learn what it is and why CAMRA champions cask-conditioned ale

HOW to Find real ale

By Alex Metcalfe


Water is fundamental to brewing


Malted Barley provides sugars and flavours


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The incredible microscopic world of yeast

What is real cider?

Learn what real cider is and why CAMRA champions it


Hops provide aromatics and bitterness

Diversity, beer and cider

By Alex Metcalfe

Intro to Tasting Cider

By James Finch AKA the cider crtic

A beginners guide to cider terminology

By James Finch AKA the Cider Critic

Women and cider

By Cath Potter

The Brewing Process

Learn how beer is made

Beer Style Profiles

Learn about different beer styles to try


By Gillian Hough

An introduction to fire brewing

By Ruvani de Silva

50 years of CAMRA

By Laura Hadland

Journey of a cask

By Alison Taffs

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