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One to Try

CAMRA campaigns for live beer because we know it’s something special.

One to Try is an accreditation scheme, designed to promote and support the brewers who make the products we love. Any brewer of live beer can sign up, from innovative start-ups to familiar favourites, and use the One to Try logo on their canned and bottled live beers.

This means consumers can explore everything live beer has to offer with confidence – knowing that any beer that carries the One to Try logo will be in perfect condition.

Join the scheme

If you’re a brewer, and you make canned or bottled live beers, find everything you need to certify your products as One to Try by clicking the button below.

What makes this beer different?

Any beer accredited as part of One to Try will be ‘conditioned’. This means that the brewing process doesn’t end at the brewery, instead your beer is a fresh, living product that gets better with age. Conditioning creates a small amount of sediment that will settle at the bottom of the bottle or can –  just like the sediment found in a cask of ale at the pub. Unlike filtered, pasteurised beers which get their fizz artificially, One to Try beers will have a smooth texture and a light sparkle gained through natural fermentation.

We work with brewers directly to accredit their live beers through our self-certification process. There’s no cost involved and all they have to do is answer a few simple questions about their beer to start using the One to Try logo. 

CAMRA supports variety and distinctiveness of beer styles, and this is what’s at the heart of One to Try. The UK is home to thousands of breweries, producing countless canned and bottled live beers and there’s nothing more enjoyable than trying new beers with friends, and finding a new favourite along the way.

Enjoying your beer

Like any living thing, One to Try beers will benefit from a little TLC!

The yeast will still be working hard to develop the full flavour of your beer, and keeping it in the right conditions will help make sure it tastes the best it can. Live beer is best stored upright, out of direct sunlight, and away from fluctuating temperatures, so it’s happier in the cupboard than the fridge. The ideal serving temperature for canned and bottled live beer is usually between 7 and 10 degrees, although a beer that is particularly strong or dark may need to be slightly above this – if you don’t have a thermometer handy, popping it in the fridge for about half an hour before you drink it should do the trick!

For most live beer, the sediment is not part of the flavour profile, so pour carefully and (even though it might be tempting) don’t pour the very bottom of the bottle or can into your glass.

Browse One to Try beers

Find brewers who are already part of the One to Try scheme below:

Shalford Brewery

Acredited beers: Barnfield Pale Ale, Levelly Gold, Stoneley Bitter, Hyde Bitter, and Rotten End 

Moor Beer

All beers brewed by Moor are certified as fresh, live, One to Try beers!

Teme Valley Brewery

Acredited beers: This, That, Hop nouvelle, Talbot blonde, Wotever next, Hearthwarmer

Hopshackle Brewery

Acredited beers: Extra Special Bitter, Double Momentum, Restoration, Imperial Stout, Historic Porter

Serious Brewing Company

Acredited beers: Moonlight Stout, Redsmith IPA, Summer Pale Ale, Goldrush Golden Pale Ale, Evergreen Golden Bitter, Prime Single Hop Pale Ale, Prime2 Dual Hop Pale Ale.

Poppyland Brewery

Acredited beers: Fuggles 150, Under the Bush.

Brentwood Brewery

Acredited beers: Falcon Punch, Mallowphant, Mango Unchained.

Zero Six Brew Co

Acredited beers: Hakuna mi Strata, Matoaka 02.


Acredited beers: Jaipur, Lord Marples, Brother Rabbit, Astryd, Crackendale, Market Porter.

Longdog Brewery

Acredited beers: Basingstoke Pride, Black Crow, Bunny Chaser, Golden Poacher, Kismet, Lamplight Porter, Longdog IPA, Lovely Nancy, Old Ale, Red Runner, Ruby Mild, Skinny Dog.

The Old Felixstowe Brewing Co.

Acredited beers: V&A IPA, Dockers Pale Ale, Red Shout, Proper Shoreditch Stout, Deben Best Bitter, Apricot Wheat Beer, “Give it the big-un” IPA.

Hermitage Brewery

Acredited beers: Grimsbury Castle, Ambling Home, Auld Peat, Lodestone Mild, Wellhouse IPA, Star Gazing Porter, Hermitage Blonde, Date with Destiny, Hocktide, Harvest Time, Bartholomew Street Old Ale, Frostbite.

Two Bob Brewing Co

Acredited beers: Two Bob Gold, Two Bob EPA, Two Bob Porter, Two Bob IPA.

Ardgour Ales

Acredited beers: All Ardgour beers are certified as fresh, live One To Try beers!

Loxley Brewery

Acredited beers: All Loxley Brewery beers are certified as fresh, live One To Try beers!

Flying Trunk Brewery

Acredited beers: All Flying Trunk Brewery beers are certified as fresh, live One To Try beers!

Golden Duck Brewery

Acredited beers: Santa’s Stumped, Dark Duck, Reverend Green, Wristy Fitz, Local Sports Brew, Wilko’s Wobbler

Seagate Brewery

Acredited beers: Saorsa, Rise Above, Moulin d’Or Houblon, Scottie Stout, Monday Morning Mocha, RYIPA, Pingu Pale, Full Moon, Parlour Pilsner, Botanical Blonde, Blush, Shoreline

More resources

If you’re ready to take a deep dive into the science behind live beer, or you want to find out more about the perfect home pour, then we’ve got you covered! Browse the links to read our definition of live beer, or join beer writers Adrian Tierney-Jones and Katie Mather over on CAMRA Learn & Discover. 

CAMRA members can find resources to support the One to Try scheme in the Campaign Pack over in our Members Area.