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The CAMRA story

As someone who goes to the pub and enjoys real ale, cider or perry, you’re part of our story.  Every time you visit your local, try out a new tipple or enjoy a beer festival, you’re supporting a great tradition that CAMRA aims to preserve.

Our vision is to have quality real ale, cider and perry and thriving pubs in every community. A story that we wish to continue with you.

The story so far

CAMRA is considered one of the most successful consumer organisations across Europe. Founded by four real ale enthusiasts back in 1971, today we represent beer drinkers and pub-goers across the UK.

We have been supporting the beer and pubs trade for over 50 years by running beer festivals, lobbying Government for change, running numerous awards and developing bespoke pub finders and guides. This is all made possible by the hard work of dedicated volunteers across the UK

How to get involved


Join the CAMRA story with membership and help support the trade. Access benefits and discounts too.


Support the organisation and access incredible experiences by volunteering with CAMRA.


Enjoy the artisan CAMRA experience by attending one of our 180 beer festivals up and down the nation

CAMRA membership

Membership with CAMRA will give you full access to a number of benefits, plus all the tools you need to help preserve our mission.

The campaign: Keep up with all the latest news from the campaign with our What’s Brewing online publication, available online here. CAMRA runs multiple campaigns each year that need your support, in the form of writing to your MP and filling in surveys to give us the data we need to help lobby the Government for its support, find out more here.

Beer savings: Your membership card and vouchers get you discounts on your beer at pubs up and down the country. Check out, search for locations and use the filters to find great pubs near you with features you like.

Beer festivals: As a member of CAMRA, you get reduced entry to many of our 180+ beer festivals up and down the country. Search for a festival near you on our website here, get out and try new brews!

CAMRA Shop: Did you know we are also an award-winning book publisher? As a CAMRA member, you have access to preferential rates at our shop for books, and can also get merchandise and more. Take a look on our website today.

Member benefits: Your membership should connect you with the things that matter to you, which is why we work with a growing list of organisations to bring you great discounts. We’re adding more to our website all the time – see here.

Keep in touch: Whether you’re on our website, in the pub, social club, or at a beer festival, engaging with the campaign and having a voice will allow you to get more out of your membership. You can find us on Spotify with our Pubs. Pints. People. Podcast or YouTubeBEER Magazine is a great way to keep up to date with CAMRA news, and the latest in beer, cider and perry.

Learn & Discover: Our Learn & Discover platform is the perfect way to grow your knowledge of the industry. If you want to know more about beer, cider and perry, this is the place for you.

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