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Campaigner of the Year

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The Campaigner of the Year Award

This prestigious award recognises significant contributions to campaigning for real ale, cider, perry, pubs and/or social clubs, and puts a face and personality to CAMRA’s campaigning aims and goals.

Nominations for Campaigner of the Year 2024 have now closed.

2024 Campaigner of the Year Laura Hadland

Photo by Lily Waite

Eligibility and Nominating

CAMRA members or branches can make a nomination. Any individual or group of individuals can be nominated for the award. They do not necessarily need to be a member or located within the boundaries of the nominating branch. 

We want to cast the net as wide as possible: people who have fought effective campaigns locally or nationally; people in the pub or brewing industries who promote our interests; celebrities or politicians who actively support real ale, cider, perry, pubs and clubs.  

The award is made annually, with a formal announcement and presentation taking place as part of CAMRA’s Members’ Weekend, AGM & Conference.

This year, members and branches may wish to consider nominating individuals who have gone above and beyond to champion the pub trade, whether during the cost of business crisis, through advocating for legislative change, or by promoting innovation in the sector.

Nominations for 2024 have now closed.

Nomination criteria

A nomination of up to 350 words should be made in writing. Nominees can, but do not need to be, a member of CAMRA. CAMRA members, figures in the beer, cider, perry, pub, or club industry, or celebrities are all eligible, provided they actively support CAMRA’s aims and objectives. 

Nominations should focus on the campaigning carried out in the past year, rather than aiming to recognise past work or lengthy advocacy alone. The scope of what the ‘campaigning activity’ could be is intentionally very broad and could include local or national campaigning. However, the campaigning should not have taken place solely within CAMRA and nominations should seek to demonstrate how the nominee has created wider positive change. A single nomination can be made for more than one person or a group of people for the same campaigning achievement(s).  

The nomination will be judged against the following, and you may find it helpful to reference these criteria when writing your nomination: 

  • Impact: Nominees should have initiated, led or made significant contributions to campaigning that produced tangible results. 
  • Inclusion: Nominees should show effective engagement with those around them, and work in a collaborative way that demonstrates commitment to fairness. 
  • Leadership: The nominee should serve as an inspiration to others, motivating them to get involved with campaigning. 
  • Innovation: Nominees should employ innovative or creative tactics to achieve their goals – particularly those that adapt to challenges throughout their campaigning. 
  • Commitment: Nominees should be passionate about their cause and consistent in advocating for change.