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Public transport campaigning 

CAMRA champions public transport as an affordable, sustainable, and accessible way for consumers to visit pubs, clubs, brewers and cider makers. A thriving public transport network is vital to a thriving hospitality trade, so we campaign for improvements to the public transport network, and against route closures that could affect the licensed trade.

Our campaigning

Just like pubs and social clubs, good public transport is crucial for connecting communities and every year we celebrate public transport week with our friends at the Campaign for Better Transport, as part of our Summer of Pub campaign. 

Click to find our more about our summer-long campaign to celebrate and promote pubs and social clubs, or to be taken to the Campaign for Better Transport website.

A photo showing a group of people holding the hand rails of a bus

More resources

CAMRA’s public transport campaigning requires a huge range of skills, experience and knowledge from our membership and we currently have volunteering opportunities open at local, regional, and national levels. Use the links to read more about our volunteering roles.

CAMRA members can also find our comprehensive public transport campaigning guide in the Campaigns Hub.