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This draw is now closed

This draw is now closed

I was surprised to win the fist prize in CAMRA Xmas draw for 2023. I bought the tickets on line which was easy to do and got an Email listing the numbers I had been given. I also gave a donation towards CAMRA. I have been a member of CAMRA for some years and they do good work promoting good through branch and festivals.

Mr Bennett

Most welcome just days before my 70th birthday. A £5 very well spent.

Mr Dickson







A selection box of six premium beers!



£5 Voucher to spend in the CAMRA online Shop

Easy to enter and a great thing to support.

Mr Bell

Remember, the raffle draw will take place on 18 December 2023.

This draw is now closed.

I’ll admit I don’t always read all the emails from CAMRA, (be honest, who does?) but was intrigued by the Christmas Raffle.

I’m a sucker for raffles …… and never expect to win.

Colour me gobsmacked when I won 6 beers! With 4 beers and 2 breweries that are new to me. 

I shall enjoy the beers. Cheers CAMRA!


£ Prizes £

With runner-up prizes of £100 to £500!

A great way to help Camra with the chance of winning some beer money.

Mr Macdonald

Ho-Ho-Ho! Welcome to CAMRA’s fantastic Christmas RAFFLE

This draw is now closed





4th PRIZE x 25

Beer Box

6 Bottles of

premium beer 

5th PRIZE x50

£5 Voucher

to spend on books

and products in

the CAMRA shop

Remember, the raffle draw will take place on 18 December 2023.

This draw is now closed

A great way to help CAMRA with the chance of winning some beer money.

Mr Macdonald

Support our campaign

CAMRA is considered one of the most successful consumer organisations across Europe. We represent beer drinkers and pub-goers across the UK.

Our vision is to have quality real ale, cider and perry and thriving pubs in every community. Our mission is to promote and advocate:

  • production, availability and consumption of quality real ale, cider and perry
  • pubs and clubs as social centres and part of the UK’s cultural heritage
  • the benefits of responsible social drinking 

We do this by supporting and encouraging the beer and pubs trade by running beer festivals, lobbying Government for change, running numerous awards and developing bespoke pub finders and guides. 



Proceeds from the raffle will go towards the work we do to achieve our objective.  Find out more about we do.

Frequently asked Questions

Please find some frequently asked questions regarding the CAMRA Raffle below.

Will you publish the list of Winners?

All of the winners are listed below – we respect people’s right to privacy  and will only publish basic details for transparency.

CAMRA Christmas Raffle 2023 – Winners

Prize Ticket_No Member Name County
£1,000 1043409 Mr Bennett Kent
£500 1004329 Mr Dickson Devon
£500 1008033 Mr Wood Hampshire
£100 1023059 Mr Bell South Yorkshire
£100 1011905 Mr Mclea Hampshire
£100 1015404 Mr Macdonald Fife
£100 1019527 Mr Gardiner Powys
£100 1019849 Mr Sill West Yorkshire
Case of Beer 1027426 Mr Richardson Kent
Case of Beer 1042235 Mr Hawkins Nottinghamshire
Case of Beer 1048170 Mr Thelwell Kent
Case of Beer 1002554 Mr marsden Staffordshire
Case of Beer 1044002 Mr Hirons Warwickshire
Case of Beer 1023163 Mr Taylor Kent
Case of Beer 1027511 Mr Jenkins Antrim
Case of Beer 1048478 Miss Farnell London
Case of Beer 1006115 Mr Epstein Devon
Case of Beer 1005184 Mrs BARRACLOUGH Lancashire
Case of Beer 1010592 Mr Yeaman Berwickshire
Case of Beer 1022330 Mrs Hayward Berkshire
Case of Beer 1032745 Mr Stewart Suffolk
Case of Beer 1034623 Mr Excell Surrey
Case of Beer 1047630 Mr Boston Kent
Case of Beer 1002035 Mr DEAN Stockport
Case of Beer 1006157 Mr De Essex
Case of Beer 1009143 Mr NORTH Norfolk
Case of Beer 1038450 Mr Boston Kent
Case of Beer 1041057 Mr Ryan Surrey
Case of Beer 1045855 Mr Keen Kent
Case of Beer 1025144 Mr Howard Essex
Case of Beer 1025742 Mr Harries Angus
Case of Beer 1041653 Mr Bogie Essex
Case of Beer 1035157 Mrs Ambury Lancashire
£5 Money off Voucher 1005168 Mr Ogden Cheshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1036773 Mr Palos Middlesex
£5 Money off Voucher 1009927 Mr Hopwood Cheshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1003608 Mr johnson Ayrshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1010574 Mr Killen Antrim
£5 Money off Voucher 1041832 Mr Rowley Cheshire East
£5 Money off Voucher 1040335 Mr Kerr Devon
£5 Money off Voucher 1022599 Mr Pagler South Glamorgan
£5 Money off Voucher 1048807 Mr Rush Tyne and Wear
£5 Money off Voucher 1038447 Mr Forward South Yorkshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1001100 Mr Simmonds Renfrewshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1001624 Mr Rice South Yorkshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1000190 Mr Turner Nottinghamshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1012054 Mr Collier Staffordshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1034221 Mr Whittaker South Humberside
£5 Money off Voucher 1023863 Mr Bennett Kent
£5 Money off Voucher 1003771 Mr Smith Kent
£5 Money off Voucher 1018449 Mr Rigden Essex
£5 Money off Voucher 1046620 Mr Whittaker Gwynedd
£5 Money off Voucher 1027171 Mr Burke Cheshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1035340 Mr Farrimond Lancashire
£5 Money off Voucher 1009523 Mr furmanek Derbyshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1043449 Mr Newton Rhondda, Cynon, Taf
£5 Money off Voucher 1006236 Mx walker Surrey
£5 Money off Voucher 1032607 Mr Oakes Suffolk
£5 Money off Voucher 1049019 Dr Kavanagh Hertfordshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1031912 Mr Rigden Essex
£5 Money off Voucher 1026403 Mr Jarvis Hertfordshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1024371 Mr Lowes Northumberland
£5 Money off Voucher 1007780 Mr Spooner Hertfordshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1012844 Mr Bennett Kent
£5 Money off Voucher 1037136 Mr Phillips Sussex
£5 Money off Voucher 1037968 Mr BALLANTYNE Buckinghamshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1046574 Mr Kenyon Aberdeenshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1049190 Mr Firth Berkshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1045235 Mrs Turner Cambridgeshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1009818 Mr Peat West Sussex
£5 Money off Voucher 1019432 Mr Lucas Gloucestershire
£5 Money off Voucher 1020492 Mr brown north lincolnshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1048257 Mr Norris Hampshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1025309 Mr Soames Norfolk
£5 Money off Voucher 1035811 Mr Dibden Dorset
£5 Money off Voucher 1017942 Mr FOSTER Kent
£5 Money off Voucher 1022244 Mr Damms Cambridgeshire
£5 Money off Voucher 1016217 Mrs Paget Glasgow
£5 Money off Voucher 1030963 Mr YOUNG West Sussex
£5 Money off Voucher 1024051 Mr Howles Somerset
£5 Money off Voucher 1031599 Mr schofield Lancashire
£5 Money off Voucher 1029863 Mr Barnard Middlesex
£5 Money off Voucher 1013838 Mr Macnab Edinburgh
How much does a ticket cost?

Each ticket will cost £1, and you can buy a maximum of 20 tickets.

Who can enter the draw

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter.  🔞

How can I enter the draw?

You can enter the draw here >>

How will I know if I have won?

A member of the CAMRA staff will call and send an e-mail to confirm your win.

How do I receive my ticket numbers?

After you make your purchase you will receive an e-mail with your ticket numbers – if you do not see this e-mail please check the junk folder. Once you have the e-mail please keep this safe.

Can I request tickets any other way?

This raffle is an online-only raffle and tickets are only available through the link here >>

I have another question how can I get in touch?

Please send any further queries to

How are the prizes drawn and what are the odds of winning?

Results for our raffle are drawn on 18 December using a system approved by the Gambling Commission.

Whilst the odds of winning a prize fluctuate depending on the number of players in our raffle, for the last raffle ran in 2022 players had a 1 in 140 chance of winning a prize.

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What is the percentage of income that goes to CAMRA?

This is still a new venture for CAMRA, however, based on the 1 raffle run in 2022, CAMRA accumulated £11660 in raffle sales, the breakdown on the income is as follows:

Prize money: 29.1%

Expenses: 38.8%

Proceeds: 32.1% – CAMRA received £4988

The more people who play, the more proceeds that will go to CAMRA, so we hope you’ll join in

Support The Campaign for Real Ale with our Christmas Draw.

There are many ways to support CAMRA, for example, joining us or participating in our campaigns. 

Playing our raffle is just another way of showing your support for the organisation.

Not to mention it gives you an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes!

10 great reasons to join CAMRA

Campaign for Real Ale, 230 Hatfield Road, St Albans, AL1 4LW, company number 1270286, is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 4827; a society lottery which raises funds to support CAMRA’s aims and objectives. The responsible person is: Tony Lewis.