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About the Award 

The Campaign for Real Ale’s flagship event, the Great British Beer Festival, has launched a Homebrew Competition to find the very best home-brewed beer in the UK. The winner is announced every year at the Festival’s Trade Day. Nailmaker Brewing Co. help with the early rounds of judging.

Homebrew winner 2023 announced

CAMRA can proudly announce that Patrick Davies has been named the “brewer of tomorrow” at the Great British Beer Festival 2023

Patrick Davies took home the 2023 crown with his beer Magnificent Frigate Strong Mild (6.2%).

Davies took home first prize in 2023, with the prize being invited to Brewhouse & Kitchen in Worthing to brew his winning beer in a 500L kit under the supervision and support of the head brewer, which will be sold and distributed across local CAMRA festivals.

The brewer described his beer as an ‘end of a night beer’, which is rich, warming and smooth.

Richard Roseblade’s Golden Dragon (7.8%) won silver.

The bronze winner in the competition was Mark Robotham for his Old Claire (7.7%).