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Please note UK membership covers the United Kingdom (UK), Isle of Man (IOM) and Channel Islands (CI). Overseas covers the rest of the world.

*All Overseas members – outside of the UK, IOM and CI – will receive a membership card and digital BEER magazines ONLY. Thus the standard UK rate is payable. Overseas Direct Debit payments are only available to those holding UK bank accounts.

For further information about concessionary membership, please contact us.

**Please note, both joint members must be eligible to receive concessionary membership and in the same concessionary category to apply for Joint Concessionary membership. i.e. both members have to be under 26.

CAMRA reserves the right to withdraw any offer at any time without warning and members should check CAMRA’s website for updates and details of current offers or leaflets.

Life membership

Full Life Membership £549***  Full Joint Life Membership £693***  Full Life Membership (Overseas) £513 (Digital Only)***  Full Joint Life Membership (Overseas) £657 (Digital Only)***

***If desired, please call our Membership Team on 01727 798440 (debit cards and cheques accepted only) for more information or to purchase a Life Membership. It is not available for online purchase.