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Pomona Awards

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About the Award

The Pomona award, which is named after the Roman Goddess of apples, honours a person, group, organisation, idea or concept (where a recipient can be identified) that has made an outstanding achievement, commitment, or contribution to the promotion of real cider or perry.

Nominations are sought annually, closing on 1 August, but the award will only be awarded in years when it is felt there is a suitable candidate.

Submissions for this year’s Pomona award nominations are now open!

Get involved!

Members of CAMRA can submit nominations by clicking on the ‘nominate’ button.

All forms of cider and/or perry campaigning are eligible.

Current Pomona Award Winner

Elizabeth Pimblett

Elizabeth Pimblett is the 2023 winner of CAMRA’s prestigious Pomona Award for her commitment and dedication to the cider community. 

Director of the Museum of Cider in Hereford and co-founder of Cider Women – a group celebrating women involved in all aspects of cider, spanning production, sales, education and advocacy – Elizabeth has been described as a ‘key player’ in Britain’s cider community, representing the UK internationally and shining a light on its historical and cultural importance. 

Photo by Susanna Forbes, co-founder of Little Pomona