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For many years one of CAMRA’s stated objectives has been to support community pubs. CAMRA’s view is that “all pubs are community pubs to some degree but some pubs serve their community better than others”. This document provides further explanation and examples of features or services that great community pubs may provide.

In recent years, large numbers of pubs have been restored and many created in buildings previously used for something else. There have also been new pubs built that are worthy of admiration and recognition. CAMRA is recording the best of these pubs and highlighting them for all to enjoy.

The project identifies and promotes interiors of outstanding architectural or design quality in pubs that have been converted, restored or newly built.

Quality can derive either directly from the previous incarnation of the building or from the manner in which the interior has been adapted and fitted out for pub use or both, delivering an authentic pub experience.

The purpose is to raise awareness of examples of outstanding pub conversions, restorations and design, therefore stimulating interest in visiting and enjoying these pubs. CAMRA aims to inspire pub owners and others to pursue excellence when converting or restoring buildings for pub use, thereby establishing standards against which future conversions, restorations and new builds can be judged. CAMRA wants this effort to help protect the identified pubs. CAMRA also runs a competition, the Pub Design Awards, to recognise the best in new and refurbished pub design each year. The paucity of awards to newly built pubs affirms how few new builds have significant design merit but those that do are worthy of celebration.

We welcome your feedback. If you have comments on pubs listed or want to nominate others, please do so saying why and send to: conversionsandrestorations@pubcampaigns.camra.org.uk

The aim of this definition is to identify, in an objective and evidence- based manner, the essential features of what differentiates a ‘pub’ from other on-trade licensed premises where alcohol is sold.

A template nomination form for listing a pub as an Asset of Community Value

This document provides examples of what you could consider including in an ACV nomination

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