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The Good Beer

Yearbook 2023

This ambitious new CAMRA publication endeavours to take
a closer look at the contemporary world of beer, highlighting the developments, innovations, people, trends, concerns and causes for celebration that are having an impact on the modern beer scene. Released at the beginning of each year, the Good Beer Yearbook will look back in detail on the previous twelve months in beer and attempt to make some predictions about what might be just around the corner for the world’s favourite drink.



Hop Forward is a creative agency offering marketing and branding services for brewers, brands and businesses within the beer industry.

I received a copy recently from  @CAMRA_Official(🙏) and I have to say, it’s absolutely excellent 👌 Hoping it’s going to be a yearly thing… but like getting the Beano annual for Christmas, only for grownups! 🍻

I can’t imagine why a beer fan would not want this on their shelf really…” – Emma Inch, Award-winning beer writer, former Chair of the British Guild of Beer writers

Read an article on Cask Beer

by Annabel Smith 2022

The swoosh, hiss and thwump of handpulls in a pub is a sound I rarely paid much attention until the pumps were silenced in early 2020. The old adage ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ took on a new relevance.

One of the hardest hit industries affected by the worldwide pandemic was the hospitality sector in the UK. Pre-Covid, 15,000 people were employed in breweries and a further 900,000 people worked in the trade, distributing beer, marketing beer and selling beer in pubs. I do not know how much those numbers have changed two years on, but it is obvious we have lost some good breweries, some great pubs but most importantly some exceptional people.

Good Beer

With over 20 beer industry insiders contributing to a thorough review of the beer and brewing industry, this Yearbook is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in keeping up to date with the latest news, trends and future projects.

News and Stories

Read an article on Mild

by Matt Curtis

There is something inherently special about a pint of mild. As a beer style, it’s one that stirs great feelings of excitement within me. A thirst is awakened from the moment I spot it advertised on a pump clip, with anticipation continuing to build while I watch the bartender gently pull back the handpump, releasing jets of foamy, tan-hued beer into a pint glass.

Celebrating the release of this fantastic book at Anspach & Hobday in Bermondsey with many of the authors and contributors. 



Listen to why Pubs are so treasured in this video from the article written by Jessica Mason in the Good Beer yearbook.

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