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CAMRA members make the most of Cider Month

CAMRA members are gearing up for Cider Month, which runs throughout the month of October to coincide with the harvest season. To mark the occasion, CAMRA will be supporting a new cider initiative to help people learn more about cider and perry. 

The Ciderologist Gabe Cook has launched a Discover Cider campaign with more than 30 cider producers to help bring the nuanced and varied world of cider to the wider public. The campaign gives consumers a chance to win mixed cases of cider by sharing their own cider stories, visit producers and meet makers via the likes of events and tastings. 

With a growing interest in cider, CAMRA Books is also looking to cider enthusiasts to support and launch a new book on Modern British Cider by Gabe Cook. It has opened its publishing programme to crowdfunding platforms, and cider-lovers can get involved in the project by visiting  CAMRA has also compiled a wealth of new Learn & Discover CAMRA resources about everything cider related to celebrateThese include:

Alex Metcalfe, CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager said: “CAMRA has run Cider Month for many years as our members visit orchards, tap room and pubs to call for glasses of their favourite real cider or perry.

“COVID-19 has obviously had a massive impact on some of the social elements of the festivities, which is why we wanted to create a wealth of online resources for our members to celebrate and learn more about the tradition of cider making, especially if they’re unable to visit the pub or tap room in person.

“Between our new cider resources and Gabe’s Discover Cider platform, there’s plenty of ways to get involved this year.”

In addition, CAMRA members are encouraging others to order cider and perry at the bar and direct from producers and specialist shops. They are also producing digital guides of pubs and clubs serving real cider and perry for pub-goers.For those unable to visit the pub, a list of takeaway and delivery cider services is available on the CAMRA website or via the Brew2You app.

Cider producers and pubs hoping to get involved are welcome to connect with their local CAMRA branch directly, follow our dedicated cider and perry social media channels (@CAMRA_APPLE on Twitter, camracider.perry on Facebook), or use the hashtags #CiderMonth and #DiscoverCider to help spread the word.