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World’s Greatest Beers

A New title from CAMRA

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Award Winning writers, world renowned experts, and 250 great beers!

 What makes a great beer?

That’s the question we wanted to answer when we came up with this book.

You might think that would be an easy question: after all, how many beer books don’t simply tell you the best beers in the world?

Well this one does. But we decided that just telling you about the best beers wouldn’t do anyone any good; it certainly wouldn’t change your life or make you love beer more.

We wanted to find out what made these beers so special, and what they had done for those who drank them.

So we asked eight of the world’s most renowned beer writers and influencers to select their own list of great beers: not just the ones they thought should be in this book, but also the ones they loved themselves.

To earn its place on their list, each had to be more than just a drink;

it had to connect to something: a place, person, cherished memory…

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250 of the best beers from Pilsen to Portland

This book is the most comprehensive guide to 250 of the best beers in the world today, selected by a panel of eight renowned international beer writers and influencers. Illustrated in full colour throughout, this high-quality book is a must-have for all self-respecting beer lovers. All of the beers listed are available from importers, breweries and retailers in the UK.






Beer Experts



250 ales and lagers




Exciting New Title – Released August 2022

World’s Greatest Beers

As well as major producers in the UK , USA and Europe this book explores some of the outer regions with examples of great beer from Japan, Australia, Kenya and South Africa

‘Little Earth Project came about through a passion to build a brewery that was connected to nature, the changing seasons and our local environment,’ Tom explains, ‘A brewery of nature and the earth rather than of industrial processes.’

Emma Inch

Discover 250 Great beers!




N America



Hedgerow blend

Little Earth Project 4.9% Vol


Birrifico Italiano 5.2% Vol

Pumpkin Lager

Lakefront Brewery 6.1% Vol

Pohjala Oo

Imperial Baltic Porter 10.5% Vol

However, in the mid-1990s in the very north of Italy – where German beer styles are as popular as wine – Agostino Ariolo wanted to brew his Pilsner a bit differently at his new brewpub, the first in the region. And it wasn’t some American craft Pale Ale that inspired Ariolo to add some hops to his fermenting Pilsner – it was British ale. ‘I took my idea from the English beer tradition, because they used to dry-hop beer in the cask,’ Arioli says. ‘I saw this in England, and I just thought, “Wow, I could do that in my beers, because I love hops.”’

Joe Stange

Emma Inch reveals a bit of background to her choices for World’s Greatest Beers

Watch the video below and find out more about the authors following the links

Meet the Authors

Selected by Experts

These choices reflect a wide breadth of styles (with, perhaps, a noticeable emphasis on lager). They are also deeply personal and speak to cherished memories: visits to subterranean lager cellars in the Czech Republic, or halcyon days spent in pubs in Lewes, Manchester, and London. This is by no means a conclusive or objective list of the best beers out there, but it is mine, and I hope it speaks to you, too.

Claire Bullen

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If you’re new to beer, you can feel confident that this book is a gateway to beers and beer moments that will inspire and delight you for the rest of your life. If you’ve been around the beer festival block a few times, I hope there are enough of your favourites here to confirm that we share excellent taste, and a slightly higher number that will give you a good excuse to go beer hunting again. We have definitely missed out some of your all-time favourites. If I told you that was deliberate, so we can use your feedback to pitch for a sequel – Yet More of the World’s Greatest Beers – would you believe me?

Pete Brown