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250 Top beers in Bottle and Can
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the perfect guide for pairing beers

goes well with…

With full detailed listings of the 250 of the top beers available in bottle and can in the UK, this book is the perfect way to find beers as an accompaniment for any occasion. With styles and flavours from dark stouts and porters to light hoppy lagers you will be able to use this book to find beers that suit any mood, food and moment.


Top beers in bottle and can



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Low & No alcohol

Pale Ale

Porter & Stout

Speciality Beer

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Beer to suit the mood

opportunities to find your favourite pairing …

  • Fish & Chips,
  • Mature Cheddar,
  • a mixed grill,
  • sitting at home after an exhilarating walk in country
  • friends, family and a get together

from fish & chips on Friday to an autumnal day in autumn picking blackberries there is a beer here for every occasion and even more for you to discover for yourself.

For this book I have tried to speak with the brewers of each beer (though it wasn’t always possible as they are brewers who spend their time brewing first and foremost) and get the stories on the motivations that drove them to create their beers, how they came to develop the recipe and sometimes how they felt on first tasting the beer. Obviously I have including my own tasting notes: the beers are here because they taste good, not just because they have interesting back stories.

I am afraid you won’t learn how to brew in reading this book, and you won’t always find out which hops are used. For me, writing about beer has always been about people and stories and that is why I want to let the brewers tell the tales (tall or otherwise) behind their beers, while the writer will try and paint a picture about what my impression is. I hope I have achieved what I set out to do, but that will be up to you to let me know.

Watch Adrian Tierney-Jones

A 15 min video of Adrian Tierney-Jones discussing beers for occasions and looking at some of the complexities of flavour and taste of different styles alongside Declan Beeson, Head brewer at the Topsham Tap in Exexter.

One of the most magnificent examples of an English Bitter 

So let us salute Sussex Best Bitter, perhaps one of the most magnificent examples of an English Bitter, a beer that has a muscular and musky hop presence on the nose, which might be something to do with a hop grist of Fuggle, Golding, Progress and Brambling Cross, while the palate is full-bodied without being intrusive, showing off its effortless balance between rich maltiness and more hoppiness. 

Goes well with

Lewes might be a long way from the Mediterranean, but a plate of fried calamari, believe it or not, is an ideal match 

find your new favourite beer from a bottle or can