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Discover cider’s rich history with the Ciderologist Gabe Cook


CAMRA has worked with the ciderologist Gabe Cook to bring members an exclusive new article all about cider’s rich history in Britain as part of its Learn & Discover platform. 


Gabe Cook is an international consultant, writer, broadcaster, and educator on all matters cider. “Cider Timeline: a brief history of cider” delves into ciders’ deep roots in Britain’s history and tradition and how its story combines human-plant migration, the fossil record, encompassing shifts in glaciation, dynastic power, and the very cradle of civilisation. The article is the second ever connoisseur-level piece on the platform, meaning the highest level of beer and cider education. 

Gabe, who is also the resident cider expert for C4’s Sunday Brunch, says: “Cider has a rich and wonderful history within the British Isles, and indeed across the world, with the journey of the apple crossing continents and millennia. Cider’s story in Britain has been the soundtrack to many political and societal changes and it continues to have an impact upon landscape and livelihoods. I am excited to share this timeline with CAMRA members and I hope they will take away a new understanding of cider at a really exciting time for the cider renaissance.”

CAMRA’s online learning platform is home to plenty of new and exclusive content from writers, educators and experts. There will be new guides, articles, videos and audio pieces added every week exploring everything there is to know about beer, cider, perry and pubs.

Alex Metcalfe, CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager says: “Gabe is truly leading the charge for a cider revolution, and I am delighted that he has brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to CAMRA’s Learn & Discover platform. Many people, even experienced and long-term CAMRA members, may not appreciate the depth of history behind a glass of cider, and we are looking forward to this timeline expanding our connoisseurs’ knowledge of cider.

All new content on Learn & Discover includes free intros and tasters so visitors to the site can get a feel for the full access enjoyed by CAMRA members, which includes articles on diversity in beer and cider and women and cider, an introduction to Britain’s family brewers, and introductions to beer and cider tasting.

The cider timeline is connoisseur-level, meaning the full piece is only available to members. To access member-only content, CAMRA members simply need to sign in at the top of the webpage with their membership number and password. Non-members can join the campaign for just £26.50*/year. 

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To have a read of the cider timeline, visit: https://camra.org.uk/learn-discover/discover/cider-timeline/