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CAMRA flexes its Learn & Discover arm with new content to further beer education

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The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) continues its work with award-winning beer writers to produce new and informative guides to further beer education across its award-winning Learn & Discover platform

Award-winning beer writers Hollie Stephens, Ruvani de Silva, Adrian Tierney-Jones, Katie Mather and Matthew Curtis have all contributed new content across the platform in 2022. 

Freely available beginners’ guides include: 

  • Demystifying the different styles of IPA by award-winning freelance writer Hollie Stephens – confused by all the different types of Indian Pale Ale? Hollie Stephens demystifies the diverse styles with a rundown of seven distinct IPA variants, from the contemporary New England style to the traditional British IPA and many more.  
  • Choosing the right beer for every occasion by Adrian Tierney-Jones – the author of the newly released CAMRA title United Kingdom of Beer has developed a video guide showcasing a selection of six beers that feature within his new book with Declan Beeson, Head Brewer at Topsham Tap. The video shares interesting tasting notes and backgrounds of each beer as well as suggesting the perfect occasions to appreciate them fully.
  • An introduction to Grisette by Ruvani de Silva presents readers with an unusual style of beer. The travel loving beer writer and vocal advocate for diversity within the beer industry describes both the flavour and history of this refreshing yet elusive Farmhouse Ale, even listing contemporary brewers who have attempted to make the French-Belgian beverage. 
  • Intro to clubs by Katie Mather gives an insight into the world of social clubs and how they remain relevant today, more than 120 years since their foundation. The beer blogger and co-founder of the Corto bar in Clitheroe plots the 19th century origins of working men’s clubs and how they have evolved to become vital community hubs.  

For beer enthusiasts wanting to learn more about their favourite drink, there are some fantastic guides now available exclusively for CAMRA members which include: 

  • Brewing with flaked grains by Hollie Stephens – discover the art of brewing with unmalted flaked grain, for example oats, for desirable beer attributes such as a fuller mouthfeel. Hollie explains how witbier, oatmeal stouts and new England IPAs benefit from the use of adjuncts during the brewing process.  
  • Spent grain: Tips for homebrewers and advice from innovators – Ruvani de Silva tackles how waste material can be recycled to make brewing more environmentally friendly. This guide details how spent grain can be reused for cooking and farming as well as how innovative breweries repurpose their waste by-products.  
  • Learn more about finings – Matthew Curtis offers clarity upon the subject of beer opacity with his detailed explanation of the use of finings during the brewing process. The writer and co-founder of Pellicle Magazine describes why some brewers are now preferring to produce naturally hazy beer whilst some beer lovers still view clarity as a mark of quality. 

CAMRA’s online learning platform is home to a wealth of new content from writers, educators and experts. New guides, articles, videos and audio content are added every week exploring everything there is to know about beer, cider, perry and pubs.  

Alex Metcalfe, CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager, said: “It is a real privilege to be working with some of the premier beer writers across the UK (and beyond!) to develop new and exciting content for CAMRA’s Learn & Discover. We have an exciting line-up in store throughout 2022 adding to over 60 pieces of video, audio and written content across our platform. I’d recommend that anyone who has an interest in beer, brewing, cider, pubs, clubs or more to check it out – all beginner content is freely available to the public, and if it tickles your tastebuds, make sure to become a member to unlock even more!” 

To access member-only content, CAMRA members simply need to sign in at the top of the webpage with their membership number and password. Non-members can join the campaign for just £28.50 a year.  

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