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CAMRA caps off 2023 with new cider content

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) champions cider and cider makers with its latest educational content on the online platform Learn & Discover. 

CAMRA has released two new bespoke articles and a documentary film exploring the wonderful world of cider.  

The new content has been developed for CAMRA’s award-winning platform Learn & Discover, which collaborates with esteemed writers, industry experts and film makers for an abundance of educational items including guides, articles, videos and audio material covering everything there is to know about beer, cider, perry, pubs and social clubs.  

For cider enthusiasts wanting to learn more about their favourite drink, the website’s fantastic new additions are available exclusively for CAMRA members*: 

  • A History of Sparkling Cider – The second in a trilogy of articles about sparkling cider by renowned drinks writer Rachel Hendry. The guide maps out the fascinating background of carbonated drinks, showing how intertwined both the histories of cider and sparkling wine are, and how breakthroughs for both beverages influenced the other. Rachel even details the history of glassware and bottles used to contain and drink cider from.  
  • A Connoisseur’s Guide to Sparkling Cider – The concluding chapter of Rachel’s trio of sparkling cider pieces details the many different types of carbonation, from the ancient Pétillant-Naturel process to the Col Fondo technique, and why cider producers may opt for particular methods. The article even offers great examples of ciders to try, with further advice on how to correctly store and serve your new favourite drink. 

The first episode, Intro to Sparkling Cider, was released in May 2023 as part of CAMRA’s biannual Cider and Perry Month celebrations and explores why some ciders are still while others are sparkling. The beginners’ guide is freely available for CAMRA members and non-members alike. Catch up with Rachel’s opening chapter here 

  • World of Cider: The Basque Country – In the third instalment of CAMRA’s globetrotting World of Cider video series, celebrated cider expert Gabe Cook, otherwise known as The Ciderologist, guides audiences through the cider culture of the Basque Country. Filmed by Haritz Rodriguez, the documentary boasts of breath-taking shots of orchards and the beautiful Northern Spain landscape. The trailer for the film is free to view on CAMRA’s YouTube channel here. 

Catch up with the first two episodes of Gabe’s world tour, in which he travels first to Scotland and then Hardanger in Norway. 

Alex Metcalfe, CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager, said: “I cannot think of a better way to end this year than the announcement of yet more high-quality educational material from CAMRA’s Learn & Discover platform. The partnership of Haritz and Gabe continues to impress, with the duo creating yet another stellar production. From sweeping camera shots of sun dappled orchards to the intense inspection of carbonation in Rachel’s articles, the world of cider and cider makers is wonderfully varied, and the latest Learn & Discover content reflects that, with the many mediums and subjects available for cider curious audiences.” 

Notes to editors 

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