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World of Cider: The Basque Country

A fabulous array of ciders are made all over the world. In the ‘Old World’ of Western Europe we have the cultural powerhouses of Asturias and the Basque Country in Northern Spain as well Brittany and Normandy in France.  Every region produces idiosyncratic ciders based upon different apple varieties, terroir and traditional methods of production. In the ‘New World’, regions without longstanding heritage, dessert apple are utilised to create an array of ciders, often with significant influence from the world of beer and wine. The UK has a long and proud cider culture, and is today the largest producer and consumer of cider. In his latest instalment of his World of Cider Series for CAMRA Learn & Discover globetrotting ciderologist Gabe Cook guides us through all the cider related delights the Basque Country has to offer.

Gabe Cook

With 10+ years of experience working in the cider industry, Gabe is leading the charge for a cider revolution. AKA ‘the Ciderologist‘ Gabe is an international consultant, writer, broadcaster, and educator on all matters cider. Resident cider expert for C4’s Sunday Brunch. Gabe also chairs the International Cider Challenge.

Cider blending & maturation: Pt. 1

A CAMRA Learn & Discover video guide

In this 2 part series on cider blending and maturation, Bill Bradshaw guides us through a series of conversations with some of the foremost blenders at the zenith of the cider-makers craft. The kind of ciders that find us at the bottom of an empty glass, savouring the moment and dreaming of what led us there. This series features Tom Oliver of Oliver’s Cider, founders of Little Pomona cider, James and Susanna Forbes, founders of Find and Foster fine ciders, Mat and Polly Hilton and retired biochemist, cider maker and veteran of Long Ashton Research Station (the National Fruit and Cider Institute), Andrew Lea. (This video features robust language in praise of cider).


Gabe is leading the charge for a cider revolution: international consultant, writer, broadcaster & educator on all matters cider. 

“Basque culture and language was forbidden during the Franco regime… Basque cider has been really linked to  Basque culture and language. Basque cider houses were a place where people used to gather speaking basque, singing basque, celebrating the culture and having a drink”

— Hartiz Rodriguez, Ciderzale: Cider without borders

“The best of British cider, full-juice, a real expression of place and varieties.”

— Gabe Cook