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Modern British Cider

by Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist

Now is the time for CAMRA to produce a cider guide that sheds light on cider in this Modern age – a celebration of heritage, an exploration of current trends and an eye on the future.

Modern British Cider

Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist, shines a light on the rise of craft cider and the incredible diversity that exists within UK cider in CAMRA’s latest book, Modern British Cider. 

The Ciderologist’s guide will look at how cider has formed an integral part of the UK’s landscape with a heritage dating back at least 2,000 years. It has been published by CAMRA after a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over £5,800 to produce the book. 

Today, cider faces a new change in the drinking landscape of Britain – the rise of craft and modern styles, discerning drinkers with different needs, habits and spending opportunities.  

Modern British Cider is a guide that celebrates the heritage, diversity and innovation within the wonderful world of British cider today. Acclaimed cider expert Gabe Cook celebrates the full diversity of styles, flavours and occasions that cider can provide, whilst also showcasing the best of cider-making talent from across these Isles. 

This book is a reflection of what cider looks like in this modern age, where it has come from, and what has informed the trends that are being experienced now. It is a look at the challenges and opportunities that will influence cider’s ability to innovate and grow.  

Modern British Cider is now available for pre-orders with copies officially available on 6 September 2021. 

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Gabe Cook


With 15 years of experience working in the cider industry, Gabe is leading the charge for a cider revolution. AKA ‘the Ciderologist‘ Gabe is the leading international writer, broadcaster, educator, broadcaster and consultant on all matters cider.

Resident cider expert for C4’s Sunday Brunch. Gabe also chairs a number of international cider competitions and has created and led numerous campaigns, events and publications.

You can check out a bit more of Gabe Cook’s profile here – GABE COOK

Watch out for Gabe’s appearances on Sunday Brunch – CH4

Today, cider is largely marketed and consumed like a beer. But this wasn’t always so, and the process of making cider remains very different from brewing beer. Classically, cider was (and still largely is) rooted in the place where the apples were grown – rural areas. Beer, however, owing to the raw materials being easily stored and distributed transitioned, post agricultural revolution, to the cities. Here, its satiating properties for an industrial workforce and relative cleanliness meant it became an urban staple.

Gabe Cook

The Ciderologist

UK Cider Producers


Of apples grown in UK are used in cider

Varieties of apple grown for cider making

Quite simply, cider is the result of the fermentation of apple juice; a fruit fermentation, just like wine.


Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist

Both beer and cider now face a new change in drinking landscape of Britain – the rise of craft and modern, discerning drinkers with different needs, habits and spending opportunities.


Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist

Regardless of personal preference, and sitting outside of whether something is ‘real’ or not, is the concept that cider can have styles in the same way that beer and wine do.


Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist

The advent of keg technology, and the pasteurised, homogenised beers they contained, proliferated in the 1960s, leading to the creation of CAMRA in 1971. Its popularity grew quickly and the desire amongst (at least a certain proportion of) its membership to champion cider led to the formation of APPLE in 1988.


Gabe Cook, The Ciderologist