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Unlock the secrets of home-brewing with CAMRA’s latest title

Budding home-brewers and beer enthusiasts can find the solution to the most frequent problems they may run into with CAMRA’s latest title, CAMRA’s Home-Brewing Problem Solver.

CAMRA’s Home-Brewing Problem Solver examines the underlying causes of common problems in each stage of the brewing process and offers practical solutions, tips and insights on home-brew snags and setbacks. It is suitable for first-timers trying out a new hobby as well as old hands looking to produce finely crafted artisan ale.

Each key stage of the brewing process is tackled across eight chapters, with accompanying photographs, practical tips and useful insight for brewing, fermenting, packaging and serving a variety of homebrews.

Erik Lars Myers, author and founder of Mystery Brewing says: “Real ale and other craft beers have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and as a result more people have been compelled to try making their own homebrew. However, while the concept between making beer is simple, the execution between brewing in theory and practise is being able to spot the signs of trouble and know how to respond. This book aims to provide the information needed to nip problems in the bud – and better still, avoid them in the first place.”

Andy Parker, the book’s UK home-brewing consultant says: “Home-brewing is an incredibly rewarding hobby for anyone. In fact, the brewers of many fantastic UK beers  – such as last year’s Champion Beer of Britain winner Bingham’s Vanilla Stout – started off as home-brewers. This book brings together the information you need to start your next great brew.”

CAMRA’s Home-Brewing Problem Solver officially publishes on 13th July but is available to buy exclusively from the CAMRA Shop: