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Understand more about identifying beer faults with CAMRA’s Learn & Discover platform

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Illustration by Lucie Cooke 

The latest guide from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)’s Learn & Discover platform informs readers about the off flavours that can signify a fault in their pint, and why it is so important to exchange or return it once a fault has been identified.  

The guide is written by Katie Mather, a beer blogger-turned-food and drink writer and co-owner of Corto, a neighbourhood beer, natural cider and wine bar in Clitheroe.  

Accompanied by the charming illustrations of Lucie Cooke, Mather guides the reader through the identification of smells and flavours that can be expected, and those that mean something is off.  

The Beginners’ rendition of the guide – available to all visitors – offers advice on how to return a beer, for those that might feel self-conscious in doing so. CAMRA members can continue on to the Enthusiasts’ guide, which explains why detecting off-smells and sending beer back can help not just the pub, but also the brewers and future drinkers.  

CAMRA’s Learn & Discover Manager Alex Metcalfe said: “This is a piece that we have always wanted on the Learn & Discover platform, as for many drinkers – new and experienced – sending back a beer can often be an awkward situation. Giving beer-drinkers the knowledge to detect faults and understand why they might be happening is empowering, and benefits everyone in the chain of production to consumption. The illustrations provided by Lucie Cooke offer a light-hearted and informative accompaniment to the guide.”  

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