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The top 10 pubs to watch the Women’s World Cup

CAMRA encourages viewers to head to the pub for the games

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The Campaign for Real Ale is encouraging football fans to head to their local pub to catch up on the Women’s World Cup games as part of its Summer of Pub campaign, which aims to encourage pub-going over the summer months.

CAMRA has called on pubs across the country to screen the Women’s World Cup and is calling on pub-goers to visit the following pubs to catch the games:

More participating pubs can be found on the Summer of Pub platform, which includes a number of recommendations from ‘Change the Channel’. The initiative aims to make noise about when and where the Women’s World Cup is playing in order to encourage pubs and bars in the UK to back women in sport and screen the matches.

CAMRA’s National Vice Chairman Abigail Newton says: “We know that football is good news for pubs and last year’s World Cup provided a much-needed boost for the trade as a whole. We’d like to see the Women’s World Cup match that success this year and are encouraging pubs to screen the games and viewers to tune in over the match weeks.

“In addition, we think this is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the incredibly important role that women play in the beer industry. We are therefore releasing interviews with female movers and shakers each week to demonstrate their impact and ensure that women’s voices and games are heard across the industry.”

Change the Channel founders Amelia and Kelsey added: “There’s a serious lack of air-time given to women’s sport in the UK and yet people really want to watch women play. So to help generate more coverage, we’ve been asking pubs and bars to change the TV channel and show the Women’s World Cup, knowing that greater visibility enables more girls and women to see and experience the benefits of sport. We’ve got loads of venues on board so far with some even offering free drinks. You can find those spots on the DUSK app under our #changethechannel edit.”

The full list of recommended venues by Change the Channel can be found here. To check out the calendar of events and Summer of Pub platform, including interviews with women in the beer world, please visit camra.org.uk/summerofpub/


Additional images can be downloaded at https://camra.org.uk/summerofpub/summer-of-pub-assets/