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The Great British Beer Festival to introduce the ‘Ask Angela’ campaign this year

The Great British Beer Festival will introduce the ‘Ask Angela’ campaign this year to help ensure the safety and comfort of its 50,000 visitors.

The campaign aims to assist festival-goers with escaping unsafe or uncomfortable situations by using a code to alert security and staff that some kind of assistance is needed. Visitors to the festival simply need to “Ask for Angela” at any of the onsite bars or festival stewards, who can then help that person in a discreet manner.

The initiative originated in Lincolnshire, but has received global attention for helping people who feel unsafe on dates in pubs, festivals and other venues across the country.

The Great British Beer Festival is one of the biggest, most exciting and well-known events in the beer and cider world. It takes place this year between 7-11 August at Olympia London. To publicise the initiative, the festival will place informational posters in the bathrooms and around the venue and inform visitors through its website and onsite programme guide. All festival volunteers will be briefed on the campaign and in a position to help as required.

Catherine Tonry, Great British Beer Festival organiser said: “Safety is a priority at the Great British Beer Festival and at all CAMRA events and festivals. In the age of modern technology and internet dating, the ‘Ask Angela’ campaign provides a safety net for anyone who may need help removing themselves from an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

“Everyone who passes through the doors to the Great British Beer Festival should feel safe during their stay, and this is just another way that we’re making sure that our visitors can enjoy their time safe in the knowledge that we will look after them if they need help.”