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Sneak peek! Three of the world’s greatest beers, according to Pete Brown

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Celebrated beer writer Pete Brown is one of eight award-winning authors, influencers and experts who has used their expertise to compile World’s Greatest Beers, featuring 250 of the best beers from around the world.

World’s Greatest Beers, set to be published on 1 August, is a collection of personally selected beers from across the globe that will excite, interest, and intrigue you – all of which are available here in the UK.

Pete Brown is an English writer who has written extensively on beer and drinking culture around the world, with celebrated works including Man Walks into a Pub, Hops & Glory and Beer by Design. Alongside selecting 31 of his favourite brews from around the world, he has also written the foreword for the latest title.

In anticipation of the title’s imminent release, please find below three of Pete’s recommendations straight from the book:

  • Acorn’s Barnsley Bitter (3.8%): “Barnsley Bitter is sessionable and light enough to demolish a miner’s thirst and clear the coal dust from their throat. But especially on cask, it also has far more character than a straightforward Bitter, something thicker and more earthy. The treacle and caramel suggest that this is a beer that could teach Pastry Stouts a thing or two, if it didn’t think they were too pretentious to bother with.”
  • Asahi’s Super Dry (5.2%): “Words like crisp, clean and refreshing are often used as euphemisms for a complete lack of character: that’s not the case here. Yes, it’s clean and delicate, but the gentle bitterness gives it structure and there are some faint citrus hop notes. When you’re munching your way through skewers of chicken thigh, breast, hearts, feet (we passed on the gizzards) this beer is an essential companion to cut through the grease and have your palate bounding back for more.”
  • Baladin’s Xyauyù (14%): “With a centre of gravity somewhere between wine and beer, Baladin have created some extraordinary (in both senses of the word) beers over the years, but nothing quite tops Xyauyù. According to the brewery, it began as a vision to turn ‘one of the typical flaws of beers – oxidation – into a strength’. This led to the creation of a strong Barley Wine that soon evolved into various different expressions.”

Writing in the book’s foreword, Pete says: “If you’re new to beer, you can feel confident that this book is a gateway to beers and beer moments that will inspire and delight you for the rest of your life. If you’ve been around the beer festival block a few times, I hope there are enough of your favourites here to confirm that we share excellent taste, and a slightly higher number that will give you a good excuse to go beer hunting again.”

To find out more, make sure to pre-order the title from the CAMRA shop for just £15.99 – visit: https://shop1.camra.org.uk/product/worlds-greatest-beers/

Notes to editors:

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