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Sneak peek! Three of the world’s greatest beers, according to Emma Inch

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Emma Inch is one of eight award-winning authors, influencers and experts who has used her expertise to compile World’s Greatest Beers, featuring 250 of the best beers from around the world.

World’s Greatest Beers, set to be published on 1 August, is a collection of personally selected beers from across the globe that will excite, interest, and intrigue you – all of which are available here in the UK.

Emma Inch is a multi-award-winning freelance writer and audio-maker, and former British Beer Writer of the Year. Having always loved both beer and writing, she brought the two together in one of the UK’s first beer and brewing shows on FM radio. Since then, Emma has written about beer and pubs for a number of national and international publications. She also produces creative audio and podcasts for the drinks trade and is the current Chair of the British Guild of Beer Writers.

In anticipation of the title’s imminent release, please find below three of Inch’s recommendations straight from the book:

  • Allsopp’s India Pale Ale (5.6% ABV) – “This beer, brought back from extinction, gives us a glimpse into a fascinating past and, I hope, a highly successful future.”
  • Anspach & Hobday’s The Porter (6.7% ABV) – A blend of highly kilned and roasted malts coupled with American Cascade and British East Kent Goldings hops results in a firm coffee and chocolate bitterness, and a beer that sings of the city of its birth.”
  • Beak Brewery’s Pencil India Porter – “It’s as decadent as the chocolate you pop in your mouth before breakfast on Christmas morning, rich and boozy with layers of coffee and molasses, and a tight finish of uplifting woody bitterness.”

These are just three of 31 beers selected by Inch in World Greatest Beers.

Emma says: “Some beers I’ve chosen speak to me of cities, so vivid, so full of the chatter of strangers, that I can feel the stone beneath my feet as they guide me through their thoroughfares. Others draw me instead to a single patch of countryside, tucked between streams and hedges, where I can feel the pinch of a winter’s night on my cheeks, or the hum of a late summer evening in the sweat on the back of my neck.”

Emma will be joined by the other seven authors for a special beer tour of the World’s Greatest Beers at the Great British Beer Festival trade day on 2 August 2022. To meet the authors and sample some of these world beers, please contact

To find out more, make sure to pre-order the title from the CAMRA shop for just £15.99 – visit: