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Press Release


PM announces pub closures – CAMRA responds

Following the news that all pubs will be closed as soon as possible, please find below a statement from CAMRA’s National Chairman, Nik Antona:

“Whilst the pubs industry will be devastated by the decision to force closure, it is exactly the type of decisive leadership that has been called for this week as many pubs hung in limbo. Pubs and the wider hospitality industry now have clear instruction that closing their doors is the right thing to do and the confidence that the government will support their staff and their business. This decision will ensure that they can emerge from this crisis in the best position to rebuild their businesses and continue to offer their vital community service to their customers.

“We’re concerned that there seemed to be no mention of the British independent brewing industry in the statements – this is a vital industry that needs to be protected and supported if they are to continue to contribute so much to their local and the national economies. The Government needs to take further measures to support and protect this important industry by also deferring beer duty.

“We welcome the news that pubs and breweries offering take away services will be allowed to remain open and will be promoting these innovative initiatives across the country on CAMRA’s #pullingtogether platform. We’d like the Government to immediately relax licensing laws to make it easier for pubs to offer take away drinks as well as food. We’d encourage any beer-lover or pub-goer to show their support for the beer and pubs industry by choosing take away services from their local pub wherever possible. You can search for local initiatives near you by visiting”