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Press Release


New grants welcome – but pubs & breweries not out the woods yet: CAMRA

Responding to yesterday’s announcement by Finance Secretary Kate Forbes of new financial support for pubs and breweries, CAMRA Scotland Director Joe Crawford said:

Giving pubs an extra £23K grant in January is welcome news, as is a specific allocation of £1.8 million to help breweries.

But as the restrictions in all tiers continue to have a devastating impact on pubs and breweries at what would normally be their busiest time of year, and our locals aren’t out the woods yet.

CAMRA is continuing to call on the Scottish Government to commit to a long-term financial support package to protect our local pubs and breweries, recognising that pubs matter and are a force for good in our communities. 

We would also like ministers to provide concrete evidence that banning the responsible consumption of alcohol in COVID-secure pubs is an effective measure to stop transmission. Without this evidence, the Government should re-think their draconian restrictions on pubs.”