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New brews on show at this year’s Great British Beer Festival

For more information contact or call 01727 337 863

More than 1,000 beers from 250+ breweries are on tap at the Great British Beer Festival, taking place from 6-10 August at Olympia London.

From comparative cask and keg tastings at the new Discovery Zone to hundreds of styles hailing in from across the Atlantic on the USA stand, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

10 beers worth seeking out include:

  1. Five Points Brewing Co’s Cat Paw (5% ABV) – a mixed fermentation sour aged in Chardonnay barrels (Bar 2a).

  2. Beartown Brewery’s Creme Bear Lee (4.8% ABV) – a velvety stout with burnt cream, Madagascan vanilla and molasses (Bar 2b).

  3. Titanic Brewery’s Raspberry Wheat (4.7%) – a clear salmon colour wheat beer with an intense sweet flavour of raspberries and mild floral hops (Bar 11).

  4. St Austell’s Milkshake (5.8% ABV) – wheat, oats and most importantly lactose (unfermented milk sugar) are at the heart of this US style hazy IPA (Bar 17b).

  5. Bridgehouse’s Ice Cream Pale (5.6% ABV) – a creamy hazy pale ale with big vanilla ice cream flavours and a slightly sweet finish (Bar 3).

  6. Turning Point’s Lucid Dream Cookies and Cream Stout (5.0% ABV) – a cookie and cream stout with a smooth mouthfeel and body. Cacao nibs, chocolate and a touch of vanilla are added to give a unique taste (Bar 5).

  7. Dancing Man’s White Crow (5.2 ABV) – a wheat IPA liberally hopped with American hop varieties, oh and wheat! (Bar 6)

  8. Beatnikz Republic’s DDH Tropic Fiesta (4.0% ABV) – swathes of not too sweet tropical fruit flavours dominate this easy drinking beer (Bar 7).

  9. Thornbridge’s Salted Caramel Lucaria (4.5% ABV) – aromas of fudge, salted caramel and chocolate. The finish has a pleasing ice cream quality (Bar 8).

  10. Little Earth Project’s Elderflower Saison (5.9% ABV) – this saison has an alcoholic punch, some pleasing sourness and a hint of elderflower (Bar 18).

A full beer list and floor plan is available here:

In addition, CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain 2019 will be available to sample, judged to be the very best beer in Britain. There will be a range of non-alcoholic, vegan and gluten-free beers available across the festival. For a full beer list, visit

Festival organiser Catherine Tonry said: “The Great British Beer Festival is the only place to be able to choose from over a thousand different brews. The list above represents just 1% of the beers we have on show, with flavours and styles hailing from each corner of the UK and abroad!

“This is truly the destination festival for anyone with an interest in beer and we look forward to welcoming those beer-seekers through our doors during the remaining few days!”

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