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Manchester and Stockport gear up for Mild Magic

Beer lovers across Manchester and Stockport are preparing for a six-week celebration of Mild beer, run by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

From 5 April to 19 May almost 90 pubs in the local area will celebrate the beer style Mild with a ‘pub passport’ in order to raise awareness of the endangered beer style.

The pub passport will allow beer-lovers to collect up to 12 ‘Mild Magic’ cards every time they buy a half or full pint of cask-conditioned Mild. Completed cards will give them free entry to Stockport’s Beer &and Cider Festival (30 May to 1 June) and the chance to win a visit to the Outstanding Brewing Co.

Keen Mild drinkers will also have the opportunity to win polo shirts and sweatshirts, depending on how many pubs they manage to visit.

Mild Magic organiser Margaret O’Brien said: “With the number of pubs regularly selling mild in decline, it is fantastic to have so many pubs join Mild Magic 2019, providing a wide choice and variety for participants and the public at large.

“This is an incredibly popular event and we are very confident that it will again attract great support from the public.”

Adding to Margaret’s sentiment, local CAMRA branch chairman, and editor of CAMRA branch magazine Opening Times John Clarke said: “This success once again demonstrates that the local pub trade support the values and aims of the Campaign.

“The preservation of Mild, with its generally lower alcohol content, is particularly important as it shows that cask beer has taste and quality whatever the gravity of the beer.”