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Learn & Discover more this International Women’s Day

CAMRA is celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 with a spread of content from inspirational women in the beer, cider and pubs industry

The Learn and Discover platform plays host all year round to audio, visual and written content from a diverse spectrum of creators, including Annabel Smith, Cath Potter, Susannah Mansfield, Jane Peyton, Alison Taffs, Laura Hadland, Emma Inch and Ruvani de Silva

Award winning beer writer and broadcaster Emma Inch is a frequent contributor to the Learn & Discover platform. Published on Friday, visitors to the platform can now hear Emma’s one-off audio piece ‘Diverse Voices’, in which she converses with brewers, commentators and experts to highlight issues of diversity in the beer world. From gender, sexuality and parenthood, to race, age and disability, the discussion looks at how varied the beer world is and what can be learnt from its diverse voices. The piece also features award-winning educator and speaker Annabel Smith, who was one of the first UK Beer Sommeliers.

Emma Inch said: “I am excited to be sharing my audio piece ‘Diverse Voices’ over on CAMRA’s Learn & Discover platform. I hope it helps listeners to think openly about diversity in the industry, particularly as it is International Women’s Day. While gender is a part of it, we are also discussing the important topics of race, age, sexuality and parenthood in the piece, and bringing issues that are frequently overshadowed into the light. I can’t wait for people to tune in, and to continue the conversation after.”

Beer writer Ruvani de Silva shared her first piece on the platform last month – ‘An introduction to frie-brewing’ – all about the theory and practice of preparing beer for fermentation using an open flame. From ancient art to modern craft, fire brewing represents the origins of all beer and provides an opportunity to recreate some of the scents and flavours we all can easily recognise from familiar and much-loved food and drinks. Historically, this task fell to women, and prior to the explosion of commercial breweries, many of its brewers were female.

CAMRA’s online learning platform is home to a wealth of new content from writers, educators and experts. Contributions from new female and non-binary voices are welcome all year round, but especially this International Women’s Day. To propose work, you can get in touch with CAMRA’s Learning and Discover Manager Alex Metcalfe via 

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