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Hope that Chancellor’s new funding will help save the great British pub: CAMRA

Commenting on reports that tomorrow’s Budget will include £150 million to help communities save their local pub, CAMRA’s National Chairman Nik Antona said: 

“Our locals are vital parts of our social fabric, bringing communities together and helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation. They deserve to be protected as community assets, which is why this announcement of new funding from the Chancellor is great news for the great British pub. 

Having enough funding can make all the difference when a community group is campaigning to save and take over the running of their local pub. 

“As well as this new funding announcement, the Government and local councils must make sure that pub protection policies in the planning system are properly enforced so that developers can’t exploit the pandemic. This would also give communities an opportunity and the time they need to use the new Community Ownership Fund to bid to take over the running of their local pub or social club if it is threatened with closure, change of use or demolition. 

“Anyone interested in saving their local pub can find in-depth guides with all the tools campaigners need on CAMRA’s website – www.camra.org.uk/saveyourlocal/ 


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