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Press Release


First Minister must make sure tier system is fair and extend financial support to save our pubs as lockdown is lifted: CAMRA

Responding to the First Minister’s statement in the Scottish Parliament outlining the roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, CAMRA’s Scotland Director Joe Crawford said: 

“Whilst there is now light at the end of the tunnel for pubs and breweries, today’s announcement still leaves lots of uncertainty about what re-opening our pubs could look like.  

“The beer and pubs industry will need next month’s announcement on a return to the tier system and the plan for re-opening the economy to treat pubs fairly compared to other industries like non-essential retail.  

“CAMRA has concerns that a return to any unfair or unevidenced restrictions like alcohol bans, curfews or only being allowed to serve alcohol with a meal as we move back to the different Covid protection levels would mean we aren’t getting a proper or fair re-opening.  

“The First Minister mentioned ongoing tapered financial support. This must include enough help to make sure pubs are viable for as long as they are facing restrictions or having to operate at reduced capacity.  

“Next week’s Budget at Westminster is also now more vital than ever. Pubs, breweries and the wider supply chain desperately need ongoing financial support beyond the next few weeks.  

“The Chancellor must commit to extending furlough for as long as pubs are running at reduced trade, even if that is longer than in England. CAMRA are also campaigning for a reduction in VAT for on-trade alcohol sales as well as food and cutting duty for beer served in pubs to help them compete with supermarkets.”