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Press Release


Don’t bring back unfair restrictions when pubs re-open, First Minister urged

Responding to the First Minister’s announcement on relaxing coronavirus restrictions and re-opening some sectors of the economy in Wales, CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona said:

“Pub goers, licensees and brewers will be disappointed that there is not yet a plan for re-opening the industry, with many feeling that hospitality isn’t being treated fairly compared to other, similar businesses like non-essential retail.

“The First Minister mentioned opening outdoor spaces only. This, coupled with any return to unfair or unevidenced restrictions like alcohol bans, curfews or only being allowed to serve alcohol with a meal as restrictions begin to be relaxed, would not be a proper or fair re-opening – and would mean many pubs couldn’t re-open or couldn’t turn a profit if they did.

“The extra grants for £4,000 or £5,000 to meet fixed costs will be welcomed by businesses, as will the Business Rates holiday for the next financial year. But pubs, breweries and the wider supply chain desperately need ongoing financial support until they are trading at full capacity again.

“The Welsh Government must consider a dedicated, sector-specific support package to help pubs through to re-opening and beyond. CAMRA are also campaigning for the UK Government to cut duty for beer served in pubs to help them compete with supermarkets.”