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Press Release


Cut tax on beer sold in pubs – CAMRA

Responding to the Government’s announcements on an alcohol duty review and a review of the Business Rates system in England, National Chairman of CAMRA Nik Antona said: 

“This review into how alcohol can be taxed more fairly is a fantastic opportunity for the Government to save our pubs by introducing a lower rate of duty on draught beer, with savings passed on to pubs and consumers. 

“A preferential rate of duty on draught beer is a radical proposal that will really help by supporting and encouraging drinking in the supervised setting of the local pub. This will also create and sustain jobs and level the playing field between pubs and cheap supermarket alcohol. 

“We hope the Government will act to change the Business Rates system in England, which penalises pubs and fails to recognise their valuable role as community hubs which are vital in tackling loneliness and social isolation.  

“The pub sector currently overpays in business rates by £500m a year, and rising rates are forcing hardworking publicans to push up prices for consumers or close their doors forever. The Government must make the Business Rates system fairer for pubs to ensure their continued survival.”