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CAMRA welcomes new research that demonstrates the positive impact of local beer festivals

Following new research released from Northumbria University which measures the economic impact of local beer festivals with a particular focus on York, please find below a comment from Tom Stainer, CAMRA’s Chief Executive:

“The research from Northumbria University demonstrates what a positive impact beer festivals have on the local economy. Just one beer festival can inject substantial cash into the local economy, both directly and indirectly, with little or no cost to the local council. In particular, festivals help boost income for local hospitality and tourism businesses. Given that CAMRA runs over 200 beer festivals across the country, we can extrapolate these findings to suggest beer festivals contribute many millions into local economies, as well as providing a valuable route to market for numerous independent breweries. This is great news all round – for local councils, local pubs and consumer choice.

“We hope that recognition of the huge cultural and economic contribution festivals make will encourage the government to work quickly to develop guidance to allow them to reopen safely, as soon as possible, and in consultation with CAMRA and other organisations which organise them. When that happy day comes, we’d invite everyone to join us in raising a pint to Professor Cabras and his team!”

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