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CAMRA says ‘Cheers’ to the Chancellor for new Draught Duty rate

CAMRA welcomes ground-breaking new policy for cask beer and cider drinkers

Commenting on the Autumn Budget announcement of a new Draught Duty rate for beer and cider served in pubs, CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona said:

“The introduction of a Draught Duty Rate is a gamechanger for cask beer drinkers, cider and perry drinkers and the Great British local.

“This is something CAMRA has campaigned on for many years and we are delighted that the Government has listened, supported our locals and introduced the important principle that beer, cider and perry served in a pub or social club should be taxed at a different rate to alcohol bought at places like supermarkets.

“CAMRA has previously commissioned research that showed that a Draught Beer Duty rate could pull consumption into pubs and social clubs from the off trade, providing a boost to pubs and local economies.

“We hope that pubs and producers will make sure drinkers see the impact of this revolutionary policy on the price of their pints, to encourage them to return to their locals.

“We look forward to campaigning for future reductions in Draught Duty, to make sure that consumers, brewers and publicans can enjoy the maximum benefits of this ground-breaking new policy.”