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CAMRA condemns Dundee’s blanket ban on new pubs outside the city centre

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Following the news that Dundee City Centre is planning a blanket ban on new pubs outside its city centre, please find below response from CAMRA.

CAMRA Director for Scotland Sarah Crawford said: “Dundee Council’s blanket ban on new pubs outside its city centre is hugely concerning. Community pubs are already closing at an alarming rate, encouraging people to drink cheap carry-outs from supermarkets instead.

“Academic research shows people who have a local pub have more close friends, are happier, more trusting of others and feel more engaged with their wider community. Local pubs put alcohol consumption in a social, safe, regulated environment. The only thing banning community pubs will achieve is more loneliness and more people drinking at home.

“CAMRA’s AGM is taking place in Dundee in April. We would encourage council officers and elected representatives to come along and learn about the cultural, social and economic value of pubs.”

CAMRA recently released pub closure data for Scotland – please see full release below.

CAMRA calls for pubco reform to save Scottish pubs

 The latest pub closure figures from CAMRA reveal that 16 Scottish pubs have closed their doors over the last six months, prompting the real ale consumer’s champion to renew calls for government action to Save Our Pubs.

CAMRA is increasingly concerned that Scotland has no protection in place for pub tenants tied to large pub owning companies, which means that many face very high rents, as well as being forced to by their beer from their pub company at higher prices than on the open market. CAMRA is calling on the Scottish Government to back the campaign to introduce a Pubs Code in Scotland, giving tied tenants a fairer deal to help stem pub closures.

CAMRA is also concerned that pub closure figures across the UK remain high at 14 a week, and is calling for a preferential rate of tax on beer sold in pubs to better support the on trade and for the Scottish Government to change the planning system so that planning permission is always required before a pub can be demolished.

Sarah Crawford CAMRA Regional Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland said: “Well run pubs are at the heart of community life in Scotland and are vital in combating loneliness and social isolation, but we are still seeing far too many pubs closing across the country.

“Many pubs in Scotland are struggling because pub companies take more than is fair from licensees’ profits by forcing them to buy beer directly from them at an inflated price, as well as paying sky-high rents. As a result, many landlords struggle to make a living and pubs in Scotland continue to close.

“That’s why we are calling on the Government to back the Pubs Code Bill introduced to the Scottish Parliament by Neil Bibby MSP to introduce a powerful pubs code to ensure tied tenants are treated fairly by pub companies.”