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Campaign for Real Ale announces world-first publication

CAMRA has announced the upcoming release of its groundbreaking new perry book from writer Adam Wells, which will be the first consumer guide to one of the UK’s most traditional drinks. 

Despite being largely unknown outside of the UK, perry – a drink like cider but produced from pears rather than apples – has for centuries been compared to fine wine and champagne in countries all around the world. Although it fell out of fashion in recent years, it’s making a comeback with producers creating both new and traditional perries to great acclaim.  

CAMRA’s championing of cider and perry at its festivals over the last 50 years has been credited with playing a significant role in keeping perry alive and now the Campaign is going further to promote and support this traditional drink. 

A new consumer focused guide to perry is slated for publication by CAMRA Books in 2024, penned by drinks writer, presenter and founder-editor of the popular ‘Cider Review’ site, Adam Wells. 

Following the success of recent title Modern British Cider, which raised over £5,800 in KickStarter funding, CAMRA Books will again be offering readers the chance to be part of the whole publication journey. A new KickStarter is due to launch as part of CAMRA’s October Cider and Perry Month celebration, and will bring exclusive offers, events, tastings and perry news for those who sign up. 

“This book will for the first time shed light on a drink shrouded in so much mystery and history.  

“When made well (and it is not easy to make well!) perry is the finest beverage of any kind made on these shores. I can’t wait to read what Adam discovers about perry from the UK and beyond!” said Ciderologist Gabe Cook, author of Modern British Cider and previous winner of CAMRA’s Campaigner of the Year Award. 

Gillan Hough, Real Ale, Cider and Perry Campaigns Director for the Campaign said, “Perry is a long-underappreciated drink, so we’re thrilled to have Adam on board to do this book justice.  

“There are very few books about perry, and these are mainly technical manuals for producers. It’s nearly 50 years since CAMRA beer festivals first served cider and perry, so a consumer-focused perry book is long overdue! 

“As well as producing a delicious drink, perry pears are also of huge ecological value, with trees taking decades to mature before producing fruit for centuries. Now is a critical time as countless perry pear varieties have already been lost, and others are down to a single mature tree. The best way to keep these orchards viable is to enjoy everything perry has to offer, and I hope Adam’s book will be a catalyst for many more consumers to rediscover perry.”  

Author Adam Wells said, “The last five years or so have seen an incredible upsurge in the interest in and quality of aspirational, high juice content perry. Not only in the UK, but in its other ancient heartlands of France and Austria and in newer perrymaking countries around the world.  

“Though there are excellent pomological works written on perry pears, as curious drinkers discover this shy, secretive and often magnificent drink, the absence of a dedicated guide to perry is increasingly striking. Covering growing, making, pear varieties, styles, appreciation, history, countries and producers, I hope this book provides a contribution to a much longer conversation and a useful resource both for long-standing perry lovers and those discovering the joys of great perry for the first time.” 


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Details can be found at https://camra.org.uk/perry