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Budget shows Scottish Government doesn’t understand importance of pubs to our social fabric: CAMRA

Pubgoers group fears for future of locals as community hubs as no extra announced help for most pubs

Responding to the Scottish Government’s Budget Stuart McMahon, Scotland Director of consumer group CAMRA whose members had been lobbying MSPs asking for a 75% business rates discount to help save pubs and breweries, said: 

“Pubgoers will be deeply disappointed by the lack of help for most of our locals today. Whilst 100% rates relief for hospitality businesses in island communities will be welcomed, failing to pass on extra money from the UK Government to help with business rates for the rest of our hospitality businesses is undoubtedly a blow and puts many of our pubs at risk of permanent closure.  

“Yet again it seems that the Scottish Government just doesn’t understand the importance of our pubs, social clubs and breweries as a vital part of our social fabric – bringing communities together and providing a safe, regulated environment to enjoy a drink with friends and family. Our locals are community hubs that need and deserve help to make sure that they survive and thrive.  

“With reports that pubs are closing at a faster rate here than elsewhere in the UK, Scottish Government ministers urgently need to re-think the decision not to give our locals the 75% discount with business rates bills that pubs south of the border are receiving. The Scottish Government also needs to support consumers, pubs and breweries in the new year by ditching any plans to bring back restrictive bans on alcohol advertising.”