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Press Release


Alcohol ban in Wales is ‘devastating and draconian’

Responding to the news that pubs in Wales will be banned from selling alcohol and forced to close at 6pm, CAMRA National Chairman Nik Antona said:

Restrictions that force hundreds of pubs to close and devastate trade for those able to remain open to serve meals could be the final straw for Welsh pubs and the breweries that supply them

“There is simply no evidence that a draconian alcohol ban will stop the spread of COVID-19What is clear is that our pub culture is being used as a convenient scapegoat for the spread of the pandemic.

This is a huge blow for businesses in the beer, cider and pubs sector that have invested thousands to make their venues COVID-secure and are now being hit at what would normally be their busiest time of the year. 

The Welsh Government must publish the evidence that serving alcohol has been a factor in spreading the virus to justify these devastating restrictions and offer adequate financial support for the affected businesses. Otherwise, we risk losing Welsh pubs forever.