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Fringe Activities

The Fringe Activities took place on Saturday 22nd April.

Please click on the tabs below to see what each covered. We will be adding the notes/feedback from the presenters as soon as we receive these.

The True Cost of Beer

This session looked at the hidden factors in the supply chain and associated costs across the industry from a Tap Room’s point of view. It covered the rising costs and challenges in mail order beer, and the day to day costs of running a beer retail business. 

Presented by Jules Gray, Owner of the Hop Hideout, Beer Shop & Tasting Room, Sheffield. Assisted by NE Director, Laura Emson & guest speaker, Paul Humpherson of Oxford Social. 

True Cost of Beer presenter information

What makes a successful branch?

This session was a forum where members discussed and shared best practices on how to achieve a healthy and successful branch. The session covered the various means of communications available to branches, and discussed the challenges that many branches face.

What makes a successful branch feedback notes

Presented by Stuart McMahon, Scotland & NI Director. Assisted by Nick Bosley, Regional Director and Val Langford, Volunteer Support Manager.

Promoting Cask Ale & Increasing Footfall

This session looked at historic trends and the impact of CAMRA’s campaigning over the years. Members discussed what CAMRA, its members and future members could do to turn the tide again. Click on the link to see the feedback slides presented to Conference on Sunday 23rd April.

Fringe event feedback – cask and footfall

Presented by Nigel Jones, National Director and Pete Bridle, Regional Director. Assisted by Camilla Weddell, Campaigns Officer.

Effective Festival, how can we help?

This activity looked at our festivals and how we as an organisation could help branches put on the best events possible. It covered changes to festivals since Covid, the CAMRA Festival Hub and the new Code of Conduct. 

Presented by Catherine Tonry, National Director and Rob Hamnett-Day, Regional Director.

Introduction to Risk Assessment and Auditing for CAMRA Festivals

This session covered the basic principles for generating risk assessments and associated method statements. Different methods of auditing were described and one of those methods was implemented as an exercise. Specific reference was made to stillage design/construction and maintenance/monitoring. It also covered RAMS model, Inflatables, Beer lanyards, Martyn’s Law and where to get help & support. 

Presented by Scott Rutherford, Health & Safety Adviser and James Shipp, Festival volunteer.