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Pubs play a vital role in tackling loneliness and social isolation and are one of the last few places where people can come together to socialise outside the home. Our latest campaign aims to highlight the amazing work that pubs do to foster community spirit and encourage social interaction. 

Why not tell us how your pub has made a difference in your life using the hashtag #mypubstory to spread the word?

Get involved!

Help us connect local people with events happening around them by telling us what you’re doing down at the pub. We’ll add all events to our calendar and help promote them to our followers!

From chatty table schemes to free roast Christmas dinners, there are some fantastic stories around the country. Tell us yours.

Did you know….

Loneliness is considered one of the largest health concerns we face. According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, loneliness, living alone and poor social connections are as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  

According to the ONS, young people are more likely to feel lonely than any other age group. Loneliness can affect anyone at anytime in their life. If you need support, please check out resources provided by the Campaign to End Loneliness or contact your GP for information on what’s available in your local area.

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Tell us your story

Has your local pub helped you make friends in your area? Or improve your mental health and wellbeing in some way? Spread the word – you can email us or share on social using the hashtag #mypubstory

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Will you be hosting an event this winter to bring the local community together? From chatty table schemes to free Christmas dinners, we want to highlight the valuable work that pubs are doing and put locals in touch for events.

Learn more – Friends on Tap

In 2016 CAMRA commissioned a report from Oxford University which found that pubs play a key role in facilitating friendships and that those who have a local pub are happier, more trusting and better connected to their community.

New CAMRA report in 2020

CAMRA is working on a new report to highlights  the important role that pubs play in combatting social isolation and loneliness. We’re looking for case studies to include – if you’d like to be included, let us know!

You can also submit your event using the form to the right so that it appears on our event map and is publicised with your local community.

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It’s not just pubs that can help bring people together. A CAMRA membership can connect you with beer lovers and pub-goers in your local area. Why not join the Campaign today and meet up with your local branch for a social pub crawl, or volunteer to pull pints at the next beer festival?

Whatever your availability, we have you covered!

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