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Pubs for families

Family orientated pubs

Despite an historical image of being an adults only environment many British pubs have always acted as the heart of their communites. To encourage and reward customer loyalty pubs are increasingly seeking to diversify the events, services and the kinds of spaces they offer to their customers.

Whilst some pubs will always provide a predominatly adult atmosphere for socialising and relaxing the rise in family friendly activities is important for parents navigating what to do and where to go on days out or on holiday in the UK. From parents and babies groups, comedy matinees, film events, crafternoons and choirs the newer type of family orientated pub combines the usual crayons and climbing frame approach with somehthing that appeals to both parents and children during the week as well as on Saturday and Sunday. 

Hosting these kinds of events help build up a pubs standing in the community, repurposing underused space at off-peak trading times and provides additonal income via food and drink. All of this makes providing the familiar grown-up, post-bedtime pub experience more financially sustainable in the long run. 

To find family friendly pubs use the links below to: buy a copy of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide (look out for the rocking horse symbol) to take with you on holiday, search online via Whatpub or download the GBG App to stay connected to family friendly pubs on the go.