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Submitting content to CAMRA Learn & Discover

Are you a drinks sector professional, educator, journalist, blogger, vlogger, brewer or server?

CAMRA works with a whole network of educators at festivals, via our publications, books, our podcast and here on our website via our Learn and Discover pages. We’re open for submissions for text/photo, audio and video based content for our Learn and Discover platform = three simple tiers of content: Beginner, Enthusiast and Connoisseur allowing fans of beer, cider, perry and pubs to choose their own learning journey with CAMRA.  

CAMRA’s commitment to learning 

Read CAMRA’s learning strategy here. We are committed to embedding learning opportunities in every point of contact and engagement, with members and non-members alike, especially within content development. The below guidelines illustrate how we can work together to empower drinkers and pubgoers with the highest quality informative content. 

Journalists, educators etc.

If your are seeking to submit content as a professional either on a paid or a partnership basis please read these content guidelines for professionals and educators. The content guidelines cover audio, video, text and photo based submissions.

Please read the guidelines first and then detail your content proposals in this form and email it to: content@camra.org.uk

CAMRA Members/Volunteers

If you are a member of CAMRA looking to submit text and photo based content please read these content guidelines first and then detail your content proposals in this form and email to: peerreviewgroup@camra.org.uk

Join the Learn & Discover Editorial Team 

Here at CAMRA Learn & Discover we’re recruiting volunteer photo, website and content editors. If you think this could be something you can do please read the role summaries below to see what’s involved. 

Content Image Editor 

Content Editor

Social Media Manager

Interested? Please get in touch via content@camra.org.uk 

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