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Learn more about your favourite drinks with CAMRA

Supporting your lifelong learning about beer, cider, perry and pubs with high quality learning content carefully curated from trusted industry voices and our volunteer community. 

Start by listening to award winning beer writer and broadcaster Emma Inch as she explores the importance of learning more about our favourite drinks and CAMRA’s part to play in this along with a host of guests at the Great British Beer Festival. 

Choose your own journey of discovery: ‘The Basics’ for beginners, ‘Learn More’ for enthusiasts and ‘Discover’ for connoisseurs.

The Basics

For beginners

The fundamental information anyone needs to get started. Begin here to get a feel of exactly what beer, cider and perry are –  including a brief overview of the ingredients and processes involved in making them. You can also find pubs near you where you can field test your new found knowledge in the finest surroundings and company.


Learn More

For enthusiasts

If you understand the basics and feel happy talking about your favourite drinks, you might want to know a lot more about what makes them so unique and enjoyable. Start that journey here with CAMRA. Take a more in depth look at brewing and cider making, as well as the origins, provenance and history of beer, cider and pubs.



For connoisseurs

If you are looking to take on the next level of knowledge, take a journey of discovery via CAMRA membership. Explore our content and resources to take a deep dive into beer, cider, perry and pubs. Browse here for a more nuanced and fine grained look at pubs and pub culture, brewing and cider making techniques, equipment, hop, malt and yeast varieties.