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The new What’s Brewing online platform is now live!

The new What’s Brewing Online platform is now live and ready for use


A team of volunteers and staff have worked hard on delivering this new service. What’s Brewing has evolved from a monthly printed publication to a new and improved digital platform to meet the needs of our members and bring you the news you want – when you want it.

The What’s Brewing website is a new, dynamic digital platform, providing members with: 

  • A new look and feel 
  • Content tailored to you 
  • Easy to search for articles 
  • Greater ability to share video, audio and imagery 
  • Plus full mobile optimisation 

The entire site has been brought behind a membership log-in – once logged in with your usual membership details, you will be able to select your news preferences, such as filtering by region or topic interests. 

In an increasingly digital age, we want our members to be able to access news as and when it’s happening. In addition to logging your preferences, you will be able to opt-in to a regular email news alert, bringing you updates straight to your inbox as regularly as you would like it. 

Once logged in, click on “My Alerts” and choose the type of news you want to be alerted about, from where and how often. 

We have also set up a new Twitter feed to keep you updated with the latest stories: you can follow @WBOnline_ by clicking below. 

We hope that this new platform will be a brilliant way to not only share national and industry news, but to bring local stories and the hard work of our branches to the forefront. To help bridge the gap between national and local campaigning, and to provide you with even greater content and news stories relevant to you, we would like to encourage volunteer writers from across the UK to contribute to the What’s Brewing online platform. 

There is also scope for ongoing improvement over the coming 12-18 months based on member feedback. We will ensure there is plenty of opportunity to hear your thoughts on the new site, and what future updates can be made to make What’s Brewing Online a service that works for you. 

We hope you enjoy visiting the new site, and exploring the new features available. If you would like more information about this decision, the timeline for changes and web platform improvements, you can find more on the evolution of What’s Brewing below.

The evolution of What’s Brewing 

Exciting changes are in the pipeline for CAMRA’s premier publication. Learn about the changes, how and why the decision has been made, timelines you can expect and how to get involved!

The printed edition of What’s Brewing has been a staple of CAMRA campaigning since our founding, bringing news and campaigns to beer and pub lovers across the UK. 

Yet as we enter a new digital age – propelled at high-speed thanks to COVID-19 – it has become clear that our members need more news, quicker and better connected to their local area.

What’s Brewing is evolving from a monthly printed publication to a new and improved digital platform to meet that need and bring you the news you really want – when you want it. As a result, the last monthly printed edition of What’s Brewing was the the April 2021 edition, which landed on doorsteps in March 2021.

The rationale

The What’s Brewing print-to-digital project is just one of the decisions that has been taken to make CAMRA’s campaigns more well-resourced and agile to save more pubs and breweries in these challenging times. In the last year alonewe launched a new Learn & Discover platform to host a range of video and audio guides to help members learn more about their favourite drink. The highly popular podcast Pubs. Pints. People. ran throughout the year and will be returning next month for yet another season of CAMRA chat. We built a virtual pub – the Red (On)Lion – and launched Brew2You to help local producers and pubs stay afloat during this difficult time. 

It is not only the responsible action to take but one that makes sense when planning for CAMRA’s future, taking into account how we are all digesting news in 2021 and beyond. 

What are the changes?

A dynamic digital platform

A major overhaul of the current digital platform is underway to provide our members with a new look & feel, easy to search for articles, greater ability to share video, audio and imagery and full mobile optimisation. The entire site will be brought behind a membership log-in, upon which members can select their news preference – such as “North East” or “South West” news + “AGM updates”, and receive that news front and centre.

More content

After a very difficult year of pub closures having a major impact on local branch magazines, it is clear that local campaigning stories need a home. To help bridge the gap between national and local campaigning, and to provide you with even greater content and news stories relevant to you, we will be welcoming volunteer writers to contribute to What’s Brewing online from across the UK.

Greater frequency 

One of the drawbacks to the What’s Brewing monthly newspaper has always been the wait each month for the next edition to land on your doorstep. In an increasingly digital age, our members need to be access news as and when it’s happening. That is why we will be creating a tailored newsletter to bring you updates straight to your inbox and a new Twitter feed to keep you updated in-between issues.

Enhanced BEER Magazine

BEER magazine will still be available in print and digital forms every quarter. In addition, from the Autumn 2021 issue onwards BEER will include an eight-page What’s Brewing insert, to help keep our print readers up-to-date with CAMRA news, features and analysis, opinions and more.

Getting involved!

Would you like to get involved as a What’s Brewing contributor? We need your help to bridge the gap between local and national campaigning stories!

Whether you are experienced in writing branch magazine or online content or would like to try your hand at something new, training, advice and support will be provided.

If you wish to volunteer, fill in your contact details below and we will get in touch as soon as we get the process lined up!

What's Brewing Infographic

Want to know more about the decision-making process?

For more info on the decision-making process and governance behind this change, log in and visit the volunteers’ area below.