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Help us celebrate the amazing work CAMRA volunteers have done over the last 50 years – and find out how you could be part of our future.
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CAMRA is led, and supported by an amazing movement of people – volunteers who make things happen.

Over 7,000 CAMRA members regularly volunteer for CAMRA each year. We’ve worked out that’s approximately 610,000 hours of volunteering. Pretty amazing. From pulling pints at our incredible festivals, to campaigning on crucial issues to support our pubs and breweries, volunteers have made CAMRA what it is today. A force to be reckoned with – full of friendly people who share a love of pubs, pints and people.

See why they volunteer, and how you could be part of it by checking out some of their stories below.

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"Memorable moments?

The best moment for me in recent years was getting voted onto CAMRA’s National Executive. I knew I could use skills from my work to help CAMRA – what I didn’t know is how much fun it would be – what a great bunch of people!” Abigail

"I've made life-long friends"

I couldn’t imagine my life now without CAMRA – it’s part of who I am. It’s friendships, it’s helping people (I’m a festival steward) and having fun.” Flick

Dan Maycock

" The next 50 years? Bring it on!"

Supporting pubs and breweries now and in the future is why I volunteer. My role as young members representative means I get to share my love of all things pubs and beer with likeminded people and help shape the future.” Dan

"Hard work but so satisfying"

My memorable moment was standing in the huge hall at Bournemouth International Centre, seeing people enjoying their beer & cider, chatting to friends from far and wide. I was part of the team organising the Members’ Weekend – I enjoyed every minute.” Lisa

Already a volunteer? Tell us your story! So we can share with others – as we lead up to National Volunteers Week in June 2021.

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