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Golden Awards - People

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Golden Awards – People

The following have been awarded a Golden Award in the People category. Those selected are individuals – or groups of individuals – who have made a significant contribution to the achievement of our campaigning aims in the 50 years since CAMRA was founded. Congratulations and thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

The winners....


Central Southern

Paul Hexter (White Horse)
Roy Bailey (West Berkshire)

East Anglia

Alan “Percy” Edwards (Norwich & District)

Alan & Daphne Marshall (North Hertfordshire)

Alan Barker (South West Essex)

Ali Cook (Cambridge & District)

Andy Simmonds (Peterborough)

Caroline Jones (Norwich & District)

David Short (Cambridge & District)

Dawn Hopkins (Norwich & District)

Graham Elliott (North East Suffolk)

James Woodrow (Norwich & District)

Jeff Hoyle (West Norfolk)

Les Middlewood (South Hertfordshire)

Michael Lane (Peterborough)

Nigel Smith (Ipswich & East Suffolk)

Paul Murrell (Chelmsford & Mid Essex)

Phil Cutter & Dawn Leeder (Norwich City of Ale)

Steve Powell (South West Essex)

East Midlands

Andrew Ludlow (Nottingham)

Bill Tidy (Loughborough & N Leics)

Frances Lock (Nottingham)

Karl Tecklenberg (Northamptonshire)

Nottingham Branch of CAMRA

RuRad (Rural Real Ale Drinker) In The Sticks

Tim Williams (Derby)





Greater London

John Hanscomb (Watford & District)

Laura Emson (North London)

Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London)

Tony Hedger (South West London)

Greater Manchester

Bernard Jackson (Rochdale, Oldham & Bury)

Cath Potter (Central Manchester)

Dick Withecombe (Central Manchester)

John Clarke (Stockport & South Manchester)

John O’Donnell (Trafford & Hulme)

Paul Jones (Central Manchester)

Peter Maguire (Rochdale Oldham & Bury)


Gill Keay (Canterbury Hearne Bay & Whitstable)

Merseyside & Cheshire

Steve Downing (Liverpool & Districts)


Peter Lawson (Durham) 

South West

FECRACE Famous Exeter City Real Ale & Cider Emporium

Guy Sheppard (South Devon)

Martin Berkeley (Pilton’s Cider)

Martyn Shepherd (Exeter & East Devon)

Sue Hart (Bristol & District)

Wedmore Real Ale Festival Somerset





Surrey & Kent

Farnham Lions

Kevin Travers (Surrey/Hants Borders)


Ann Binns & Chris Brown (Southern Hampshire)

Rich Gabe (West Dorset)


West Midlands

Elizabeth Pimblett (Herefordshire)

Keith Watkins (Walsall)

Mark Parkes (Birmingham)

Paul Grenfell (Herefordshire)

West Pennines

Alan Welsh (Solway)


Annabel Smith (Wakefield)

Dave Gamston (York)

David Boothroyd (Bradford)

John Hattersley (Heavy Woollen)

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society

Nigel Croft (Barnsley)

Stewart Campbell (Scarborough)

Warren Yabsley (Leeds)


CAMRA Games & Collectables

CAMRA Members’ Investment Club

Gordon Brown (Former Chancellor of the Exchequer)

James Finch (The Cider Critic)

Kim Lawson (Canada)


Campaigners of the year

2008 Steve Westby
2009 John Blake
2010 Mark Haslam
2011 Andy Shaw
2012 Peter Bridle
2013 Dale Ingram
2014 Tom Blakemore and Simon Wiseman
2015 Martyn Hillier
2016 Simon Clarke
2017 Lyn Sharpe
2018 Sally Lavender (posthumously)
2019 Sean Hughes and Christo Tofalli
2020 Mark Haslam
2021 Paul Ainsworth

25th Cider Campaigners

Everyone who was recognised as part of 25 years of celebrating cider.

Andrea Briers
Andrew Lea
Dave Matthews
David Kitton
Denis Gwatkin
Gillian Williams
Ivor and Susie Dunkerton
Jon Hallam
Mick Lewis
Ray Blockley
Sarah Newson
Tom Oliver

40th Campaigners

Everyone who was recognised as part of the Campaign’s 40th-anniversary celebrations.

Paul Ainsworth (Barnsley)
Bill Austin (Watford)
Richard Boston (Deceased)
Alistair Boyd (Deceased)
Chris Bruton (Deceased)
Steve Bury (South Hertfordshire)
Christine Cryne (North London)
John Cryne (North London)
Andrew Cunningham (Nottingham)
Graham Donning (Central Manchester)
Peter “Spyke” Golding (Deceased)
Dave Goodwin (Wirral)
Joe Goodwin (Deceased)
Michael Hardman (CAMRA Founder)
Mark Haslam (Herefordshire)
Martyn Hillier (Canterbury Herne Bay & Whitstable)
Chris Holmes (Nottingham)
Marc Holmes (South Cheshire)
Christopher Hutt (South East Sussex)
Michael Jackson (Deceased)
Lynda and Stuart Johnson (Furness)
Rhys Jones (Deceased)
Dan Kane (Deceased)
Neil Kellett (Stockport & South Manchester)
Graham Lees (CAMRA Founder)
Jim Makin (CAMRA Founder)
Tim Martin (Watford & District)
Bill Mellor (CAMRA founder)
Greg Mulholland (Leeds)
John Norman (Kingston & Leatherhead)
Barrie Pepper (Leeds)
Roger Protz (South Hertfordshire)
Alan Risdon (Westmorland)
Andy Shaw (Sheffield & District)
Michael “Mick” Slaughter (Peterborough)
Colin Valentine (Edinburgh & South East Scotland)
Paula Waters (Deceased)
Tim Webb (Exeter & East Devon)
Steve Westby (Nottingham)
Simon Wiseman (Worcester)

National Executive

Every individual who has served on CAMRA’s National Executive.

Abigail Newton
Alexander Wright
Alison Bridle
Alistair Boyd
Andrew Cunningham
Andy Beaton
Andy Patterson
Andy Shaw
Ash Corbett-Collins
Barrie Pepper
Barry Harding
Barry Malone
Ben Wilkinson
Bob Jones
Bob Norris
Bob Stukins
Brett Laniosh
Bruce Neave
Carl Butler
Catherine Tonry
Cecily Longrigg
Chris Binks
Chris Bruton
Chris Cashmore
Chris Holmes
Chris Hutt
Christine Cryne
Colin Riddett
Colin Valentine
Dan Kane
Dave Easton
Dave Goodwin
Dave McKerchar
David Grey
David Hall
David Hughes
Denis Palmer
Frank Baillie
Gary Timmins
Gillian Hough (Williams)
Gordon Massey
Graham Lees
Hubert Gieschen
Ian Brocklebank
Ian Garner
Ian Hill
Ian Macmillan
Ian Mihell
Ian Packham
Jackie Parker
James Lynch
Jenny Greenhalgh
Jeremy Beadle
Jim Fox
Jim Makin
Jim Scanlon
Joe Goodwin
John Bishopp
John Camp
John Cryne
John Green
John Hanscomb
John Holland
John Leader
John Norman
John Salter
John Simpson
Jonathan Kemp
Julian Hough
Kathy Hadfield
Keith Dawson
Keith Spencer
Ken Davie
Kenneth Hargreaves
Lynn Atack
Marc Holmes
Margaret Clark-Monks
Mark Taylor
Martin Sykes



(the rest of the National Executive list)

Michael Hardman
Mike Dunn
Mike Nutt
Neil Harris
Neil Leeson
Nick Boley
Nick Hawkins
Nigel Jones
Nik Antona
Patrick O’Neill
Paul Carter
Paul Moorhouse
Paul Scrivens
Paula Waters
Peter Bridle
Peter Lerner
Peter Marsh
Phil Kempton
Richard Sanders
Rick Zaple
Rob Walker
Robin Bence
Robin Lacy
Roger Jay
Roger Preece
Ron Booth
Ron Buchet
Sarah Crawford
Sarah Durham (Porter)
Sarah Edmondson
Sean Murphy
Steve Parry
Ted Sharp
Terry Lock
Terry Pattinson
Terry Whitta
Tim Amsden
Tim Webb
Tony Millns
Tony Molyneux
Tony Wilson
Val Guest
Valerie Mason


Regional Directors

All Regional Directors dating back to 1998.

Adrian Zawierka
Alexander Wright
Andrea Briers
Andrew Rodbourne
Andrew Shrigley
Angela Aspin
Arfur Daley
Beverley Gobbett
Bob Stukins
Carl Brett
Carl Griffin
Carmen McLellan
Chris Charters
Chris Stringer
Colin Lanham
Colin Valentine
Cyril Day
David Brazier
David Brooks
Duncan Ward
Gareth MacDonald
Gary Timmins
Geoff Strawbridge
Graham Church
Graham Donning
Ian Garner
Ian Hill
Ian Packham
Ian Saunders
Jackie Parker
Joe Crawford
John Buckley
John Cryne
John Holland
Julian Hough
Julian Tubbs
Kae Mendham
Keith Jenkins
Ken Davie
Kevin Keaveny
Kimberly Martin
Linda Clarke
Lindsay Grant
Marc Holmes
Marcus Stanley
Mark Enderby

Martin Knight
Mick Moss
Mike Harker
Mike Harvey
Mike Perkins
Mike Veasey
Neil Leeson
Nick Boley
Nick Bosley
Nick Holt
Nick Whitaker
Nigel Jones
Nik Antona
Paul Ainsworth
Paul Carter

Paul Moorhouse
Paul Sanders
Peter Bridle
Peter Warson
Phil Moss
Ralph Warrington
Ray Jackson
Ray Turpie
Richard Studeny
Rick Zaple
Robert Hamnett-Day
Robin Forshaw-Wilson
Roger Pengelly
Roy Bray
Sandie Gill
Sarah Crawford (Bellis)
Sarah Porter

Sean Murphy
Sharon Broom
Steve Prescott
Steve Williams