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Introducing CAMRA’s Good Beer Box

The best beers the UK has to offer delivered direct to your door

As part of CAMRA’s 50th anniversary celebrations we scoured the UK for its beer experts (luckily as a nation we have a few!) and asked them what their favourite UK beers were by style.

The style list they were given is the newly updated CAMRA beer styles which you can find here: CAMRA BEER STYLES

Not an easy decision for anyone to make, but we were very lucky that our friends in the beer industry – be that brewer, influencer, journalist, author or fermenter – were able to whittle down the incredible beers available in the UK to one for each beer style. The contents of the Good Beer Box ONLY features beers chosen by our expert panel.

This is how we guarantee a showcase of the best beers the UK has to offer for you to enjoy.

The first of CAMRA’s Good Beer Boxes features: 

Limited Edition Souvenir Tasting Glass

With every one of CAMRA’s first edition Good Beer Boxes we are including this limited run anniversary glass so you can enjoy your fantastic selection of beers in style

The Beers

All chosen by our industry leading beer experts

Meet some of our Experts

Take a look at who chose your beers…..

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We hope you enjoy our expert led beer selections!

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