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CAMRA explores historic coaching inns of the Great North Road in latest title

Next week the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) will release its latest title, “Historic Coaching Inns of the Great North Road”, which is a comprehensive guide for any pub-goer or historian interested in travelling the legendary highway.

Known as “the Route 66 of Britain”, the Great North Road is part of British folklore, serving as the main route between London and Scotland for many centuries. The fabulous coaching inns along it are part of the nation’s living history, providing accommodation, stabling for horses and replacement mounts for many famous people, including Charles Dickens and JB Priestley.

This informative traveller’s guide takes you on a fascinating journey from London to Edinburgh from the days of mail coaches and highwaymen right through to the modern age. Lavishly illustrated throughout, the guide includes overview maps showing key roads for each section of the route, practical information including recommendations for local visits, and quirky anecdotes to convey the history and legends of the Great North Road.

Roger Protz, author and acclaimed beer writer says: “The Great North Road is part of British folklore, which is still alive today thanks to the survival of these magnificent coaching inns. Travellers can use this guide to retrace old routes and enjoy some of Britain’s most fascinating traditional pubs while learning about the history and culture that is draped along this iconic road.”

CAMRA’s Historic Coaching Inns of the Great North Road is available to order from Monday 24th April for £12.99 and pre-orders over the weekend will be accepted.